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MWA Woodworks  Hi! I'm Matt and I make things out of wood. Franklin, Tennessee ๐Ÿ‘‡ Get a cutting board here๐Ÿ‘‡

Drawer parts stacking up fast. 6 down 6 to go. I can smell the fresh storage.... Mmmmmmmm storage.

If you ever wondered what the safest way to cut a bowl blank was, check out the no-hands method demonstrated by @spacecadet_woodworks
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My oldest daughter likes to leave me little surprises to discover. This is what I found in my plane shavings this evening๐Ÿ˜ just what I needed to get me through.

Holy jatoba! Time to gaze at that crazy tropical hardwood endgrain. I'm definitely going to incorporate this species into more projects this season.

I really love shop jigs but this custom made 3axis router jig by @rolfbarfoed is off the hook! Rolf created this jig to help carve out stool seats in an accurate and repeatable way. It's amazing when the quality and complexity of the jig rival the furniture being produced.

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Morning y'all! Today's #ff is Tyson @tyson_moore or also known as the Mallet Man. Check out this behind the scenes shot of the making of a weighted mallet. Tyson is a big supporter of the woodworking community and is always engaged in posts. His work is pretty awesome if you check out his feed. As you can tell he likes mallets.. Lol. Go check out his work!

Here's a little #tbt to one of those boards that I knew I could never recreate. Sometimes the grain gods bless you and this walnut end grain board was an example of that.

Normally I would square up the ends of my cutting boards using my table saw sled but with a 32" wide board my @festool_usa track saw was the way to go. Not only did it effortlessly cut 1. 75" walnut but it was virtually dustless. I NEVER would have made this cut using my circ saw inside my shop. Everything would have been covered in dust. That would have made me Hulk level angry and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
#festool #dustsucks #hulksmash

Working on a mammoth new board. Not even sure how to classify it. 36x32x1.75" it will be my biggest board yet.

Here's a great before and after shot of applying my oil/wax finish to my boards. You can see the dry faded looking wood just explode to vibrant and rich color. It's truly the best part of the making process.

Lines, angles and color. Walnut is a great canvas on which to create. It's one of my favorites for sure.

Ha! Well when you need a white oak slab, all you do is go to your giant white oak slab pile and get one. Simple, right? Lol
Thanks at least how @gl_veneer does it!
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