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MWA Woodworks  Hi! I'm Matt and I make things out of wood. Franklin, Tennessee 👇 Get a cutting board here👇

The definition of teamwork and getting the job done by @canadianwoodworks ! How to move a 16'x6' conference table up an escalator? Here you go. It explains itself.
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Happy Friday y'all! Today's #ff is Matty over at @mattswoodworks who is killing it with his work. Check out this half natural live edge half industrial table. The giant screw/nut look is amazing but not as amazing as that walnut grain😍😍😍😍😍 Let's see, his name is Matt✔️ he has a beard (well maybe some work here is needed😁) ✔️ he works with awesome walnut ✔️he shows it all on IG✔️ 💯

Looks like you are a good candidate for the League of Bearded Matts!
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Time to cut up these last four blanks into #brickboards. The potential is in there waiting to be set free.

Gotta love wrapping things up. I all this walnut is making me sweat. Well that and the fact that it's 86 in the shop. It doesn't happen very often and the shop sure is a mess but the end of one thing is the beginning of another.

Sometimes you start out making a simple walnut and maple board and every once in a while the grain decides to give you a hand and add an element of beauty all on its own. I love finding walnut boards that have whispy light grain throughout. These boards always go to my special pile to be used in a way that shows that beauty. Sometimes that means an extra trip to the let yard to get more walnut 😁

Finishing up two projects st once. I have clear the way for the next one because it's going to take up all my available workspace.

Talk about mind blowing execution! Check out this floor composed of 3000 blocks and installed by artists Fanny Bouchet & Emmanuelle Messier, gives the illusion that the ground below your feet is sinking.
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I love cutting these strips to see what the end grain will look like on the final product. I can then figure out the best way to alternate the grain pattern for the best look.

Givin it the squeeze with the help of my @jet.woodworking parallel clamps.

What a fantastic design element to have the grain continuity on those tamboured doors. A truly functional work of art! Thanks to @poritzandstudio for sharing it!
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You know, anything you do for the first time isn't going to be your best work. But the point is to keep practicing on projects. You have to suck before you are awesome. That's a law as true and dependable as gravity. Unless your shop is in earth's orbit, then you can be awesome immediately. Lol
#woodworking #thetruth#woodworkinglaw

Today's #ff is my buddy Huy the @alabamawoodworker who is a great furniture maker and a huge inspiration when it comes to shop projects. Check out his page as well as his YouTube channel and I think you'll agree.
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