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Faith No More does an incredible live cover of Peaches and Herb’s “Reunited.” It’s what I should have listened to when we got to see the ol’ RX43 in Gymkhana spec again here in Johannesburg the other day. Anyways. Took this for my Insta story yesterday but decided I liked it enough for it to survive more than 24 hours. So, here it is. Weird how that’s actually a decision process for us these days, right? Weird.

Two wild years in World RX. New friends for life. Highs and lows. Laughs and tears. Around the world to Hell (actual place in Norway) and back and then back once more. Shouts to our entire Hoonigan Racing Division World RX family for making this journey what it’s been. What a trip! But, this chapter of our story is a wrap and we’re now on to the next. Bigger and better things just around the bend, promise. ❤️ to the whole squad. ✌🏻

One last dance this weekend here in Cape Town.

This was a few months ago @thehoonigans Donut Garage in Long Beach. Bossman smoked out the entire neighborhood and then some in the Mk2 Escort. Pretty sure I'm still coughing up tires. Check the mayhem out on Hoonigan's YouTube channel.

16 months ago @pierrewikberg and his newly wifed better half, @fogelstromskan, landed in NYC from Sweden. They arrived literally on the exact same day as I was coming home from a work trip to absolutely nothing. My personal life at the time? Disaster would have been an understatement. Like. Way. Way. Understated. I was homeless. I was heartbroken. I was emotionally dead. I was probably the most down that I'd ever been in my entire life. And the only reason I'm here today is because of this man (and the generosity and understanding of his wife for letting him make sure I survived) and the kindness and caring that was bestowed upon me every day since they showed up. I still remember walking probably 1.5 miles each way in the sweltering heat of August last summer just to meet Pierre for tacos at lunch. At his insistence. Partially because he's addicted to tacos. Partially because it was 3 blocks from where he was living. Partially because he knew I needed to get out of my temporary sublet and spend some time with another human that gave two shits about me. And that memory means a LOT to me still. Today Pierre and Anna start their roundabout journey back to Sweden, which makes me both sad and happy at the same time. They generously allowed me into their lives and to be their continual third wheel during their New York adventure (I mean, I did help them navigate the city a bit so it wasn't totally lopsided?! Maybe?) and for that I'll be eternally grateful. Things happen for a reason and people come into your life more heavy when you least expect it. For me it was my two Swedes when I thought it was a wrap. Pierre saved my life in this last year and change and I'll forever be in his debt. He's my Swedish Mary Poppins. Love you both, truly. I've got your backs for life and then some. Being neighbors has been one of the most positive experiences of my entire existence and that's not an exaggeration. Safe travels, thanks for the fucking incredible last 16 months and I'll see you in Stockholm sooner than later, promise. Fika (google it) wont be the same, but I'll still be taking them anyways. Thank you. ❤️

Last sunset/sun setting gradient from @manhattanfromwikburg's apartment. Glad I got to witness/partake in it tonight with them. Hasta, 34J at 1 North Fourth. ✌🏻️

CHECK IT! #GymkhanaTEN trailer is live (hit my bio for link). Beyond proud to be announcing this today. PLUS, we're also announcing an Amazon Video documentary series on the making of this film. All out fall 2018. Shouts to the squad (@kblock43 @brianscotto @roncar @derekdauncey), y'all KNOW what we're about. #runwiththebestorsuckliketherest

Reflecting on my favorite color palette.

If it doesn't sound like 90s WRC I don't want it.

Skrrrrt skrrrrrrrrrrt. The (early) 90s are back. #BlockEscortCossie

#Climbkhana (link to watch is in my bio!)

Admiring the fine line between spectacular/super duper ridiculous and... well, let's just say really, really, reaaaaally bad/crushed tin can. See @kblock43 hang it ALL out on the line of a 1,000 foot drop in #Climbkhana (link is in my bio).

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