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Nugget of knowledge from driving across (most) of America the last three days: New Mexico is highly slept on. Albuquerque is dope, the landscape is superior to that of the neighboring states on both the left and the right and the speed limit is mostly 75 mph, which is fucking fantastic. Saw this train (one of many) racing alongside me at one point on the 40 headed westward. I’m not entirely sure where it was headed, but then again, I’m not entirely sure where I am either. (I mean, I had an actual destination today, but you get what I’m saying) Anyway, go to New Mexico if you ever have the chance. And give driving cross-country a shot once also. But really, once is enough unless you’re a masochist.

I showed up here on July 5th, 2007. And minus a yearish adventure to Utah (we don’t talk about that) and being gone like, 60% of the time the last 7 years or so, New York has been my home. Today though, I’m embarking on a new adventure. I’m far too comfortable in NYC, it was time to push myself outside of that comfort zone and continue to grow. So, I’ve loaded up the Raptor and I’m westward bound. In about a week I’ll be calling California (Encinitas, specifically) home for awhile. I’m excited (and low key terrified by the lack of bodegas and Seamless options) about new challenges, opportunities, growth and I guess the beach? Haha. Should be fun. Anyway, bye for now but not forever, New York. 😘 Also, I penned this sitting in traffic on the Williamsburg Bridge. I’ll actually miss that shit, I always like the view from up here.

@tony_harmer once told me: “Uber everywhere,” so I do. He’s smart like that.

Views from the drivers seat of a rental today. (no, seriously, I backed up slightly down a gravel road, rolled down the window of our rental whip and shot this while sitting and bumping Hip Hop Nation on SiriusXM, it was v. chill and I immediately rolled the window back up when the dust blew my way)


Been really, really busy as of late. Which is a major factor in my lack of regular postings (shoutouts to IG stories though, keepin’ those poppin’ still). Anyways, this is one of the many things that has had me busy recently: the 2018 race suit for ol’ bossman. DSC did a lovely job on this one, especially with the details (look at the “tire slayer” in the lungs or the “kill all tires in the... I guess appendix area?). Anyways, snapped this last week when we were out in Long Beach filming today’s Daily Transmission episode (go to Hoonigan’s YouTube and check it). Squad did a killer job as usual, HMM editing team merc’d it, Roncar stepped up on the directing tip and Tony “motherfucking” Harmer shot some real bangers (maybe he’ll even post them on his Instagram today) of the winged wonder (the Cossie). Anyway, back to work.✌🏻

Haven’t posted in awhile (month plus?). Been busy, lots going on, blah blah blah. Excuses. Anyway, lazy Sunday view here. The moment when the sun slips away and the lights come on is always my favorite. That being said, super “basic” post from home tonight. I’ll try and get a few more going this week. Maybe. No promises. On the road again to LA so maybe some palm trees. Maybe a siiiick selfie in front of that one wall on Abbot Kinney. We’ll see!

Portrait (kind of not really but lets go with it) of a man in a fire retardant race suit, in the hallway of a new corporate office, in a suburb of Osaka, Japan, in front of an eye-bleeding background, on a weekday in January, 2018. I don’t post a ton of people photos, but I like the headache-inducing lines on this one, really makes bossman pop.

Mandatory “went to the orange gate shrine place in Kyoto” photo. Fun fact, it has a name: Fushimi Inari Shrine. (btw, it’s actually cool, albeit very, very busy. Solid hike/walk uphill and rad to see in real life. Recommended if you make it over here.)

Kyoto, at night, on a Wednesday in January. Couldn’t really tell you where, specifically, in Kyoto this is (we rolled out of a van after a lengthy tempura dinner—complete with geisha girls—upon this street for a quick five minute tourism walk), but this guy stumbled past, hunched over to light a cigarette and then kept it moving. Pro move, really. Looking forward to further exploration of Kyoto today.

Sayonara, Chiba/Tokyo. Next stop: Osaka and Kyoto. And going via plane, not train. And definitely not via a “takushi” (taxi) as pictured here.

Had a bit of a free day to do some exploration in Tokyo yesterday so we did some Shibuya/Harajuku walking. Ended up eventually grabbing ramen at an Afuri (do it if you’re here, it’s non-traditional and amaaaazing) with @roncar and the homie @yoheiqp. Then we went and saw some wild high-end underground Tokyo parking garage action (possible Yakuza-owned 2-door previous-gen Maybach?!?) and then we ended up out in the suburbs at a random garage owned by @dskspecial where we hung out around a portable space heater, sitting on milk crates and drinking hot green tea out of a vending machine, shootin’ the shit with the aforementioned folks and also @junhardcore. Oh, and there happened to be this straight-piped RWB 911 that gets driven HARD tucked away since apparently it’s well-known to the local police on the Wangan. Go figure. A+ evening, 10 out of 10, would do again. ❤️🇯🇵

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