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Alex Ignacio  Movement addict Photography & Pilates Co-Owner & @rebelpilatesnm - We’re best friends, you just don’t know it yet. - 📍 Santa Fe, NM

Working late last night when mood to setup a photo hit me. Put the Nikon D800 with 28mm f1.8 on a little Benro travel tripod with SMDV remote trigger. Also placed SB-600 flash on Yongnuo remotes off to the side and bounced it into ceiling corner for a nice diffused light.

I did the upside down thing on the barrel this morning. #FeltGood

When @christiannehille is traveling I get to be the stand in model for projects.
There’s obviously something super interesting high above me.
📷: @tercero.jonathan

We’ve been shooting all day in Albuquerque where it’s 90+ degrees. Think I caught a little sun.

I remember when I was (much) younger and dancing with my friends all the time I used to wish that we could have recorded our sessions or something.
Fast forward to now where I actually own a media company and I can do #WhateverIWant
I have these late night dance sessions all the time. Not planned or anything, I just find some track on Spotify or Youtube and go #danceoutmyfeelings
Also, the previous IG post with slow motion clips came from some of this nonsense and thought it would be fun to share at regular speed.
1. A$AP Rocky - A$AP Forever ft. Moby
2. Alina Baraz - Floating ft. Khalid
3. Snakehips - Cruzin’ ft. St Rulez

Late night messing around with slow motion at the studio.

I haven’t posted on IG since March 3rd. There have been a lot of life changes in a very short period of time...some good, some bad, and a few absolutely amazing. But grateful for all of it and for wherever it may be leading me.
Most grateful for my family, friends, and loved ones who have been unbelievably supportive, present, and generous through it all. #YouKnowWhoYouAre
Hate being intentionally vague but much of it is still playing out or I’m not quite ready to share just yet. #BearWithMe

Caption this. I’ll go first:
- “Um, yeah, there’s no breaks today.”
- “Did I say ‘hundreds’? I meant ‘thousands’.”
- “Ask me if I’m ‘basically a yoga teacher’ again.”
😄😋😄 Happy Saturday 😄😋😄

Me trying to do a thing.
It’s Day 2 of #MarchMatness and I pulled the short straw for Roll up 😋
But seriously, I love this exercise, and what you see here is a *vast* improvement from what I first looked like trying to do this. Obviously, still a #workinprogress
Want to give it a try? Join me Tuesdays and Fridays at 6:30am or Wednesday nights at 5:30pm at - I will mess you up #ThatsAPromise 😉

For when you need to take things up a notch while teaching your Pilates class 😉
Saw @jessicaschatz post this back on February 17 and had to try it for myself. Like she says in her post, this is a great full body movement that demands a lot of focus and control. Love it!

Saw @reneesiljeg post this six days ago and I had to give it a try. Um, super challenging! My form is all wonky and my left arm is shaking the entire time. She knocks this out while being rock solid and still.
Half the fun of IG is seeing all of you doing ridiculous stuff and then trying it for myself. #KeepPostingAwesomeStuff

Hey! #smile

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