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Michael Dean Fleming  Mostly pictures of knitting and my cat, usually accompanied by sarcastic commentary. Sometimes I write knitting patterns.

Made my fastest sweater ever!!! Thanks @cookiestoremn ! I can't wait to take the skills I've gained tonight and make one astonishing Christmas cookie this year and then like 2 dozen haphazard ones that I was too lazy to do up right. πŸ˜’

Swatching for my #marlisle inspired Buffalo Plaid sweater!! This is one of those rare sweaters that I'll enjoy knitting as much as wearing. #arranmore by @thefibrecompany in "Rauri" and "Malin Head" are the perfect #buffaloplaid combo. πŸ‘Œ.

Finally off the loom!! I used all handspun yarn (including the warp) the only problem is that weaving takes so much less yardage than knitting that I have a ton of leftovers to find something to do with. πŸ€”

I haven't been on Instagram a lot lately because I've been monogaknitting a commissioned trio of feminist chicken sweaters (yes that would be sweaters for feminist chickens) that's been super distracting. I think the results are with it. Left to right are sweaters for little Ruth Bader Hensberg, Amelia Egghart, and Eleanor Roostervelt. I also added an unrequested hat because anyone with feminist icon chickens deserves a hat.

So I made this adorable stuffed llama *coughs* pattern link in bio *coughs* a few months ago and what do I find today @target but a SUSPICIOUSLY SIMILAR ELEPHANT. I'm basically a #trendsetter and #styleicon at this point so.... Congratulations to you all for following someone with such exquisite taste and insight. 😎

Formatted tech edited and available on #ravelry! "Pathfinder Cowl" available through the link in my bio.

Do other designs have you feeling lost in the woods? Literally miles of fingering weight projects in your queue got you down? We’ve all been there, you get excited about a new project, cast on, start out well but then somewhere in the middle get frustrated, or confused, or bored and just kind of let it sit for awhile.Β 
Well my friends, I’m here to guide you out of the Dark WIP Forest and into the bright light of quick squishy goodness. The Pathfinder Cowl is simple stranded colorwork with decreases as you work toward the neckline. It’s similar to your favorite yoked sweater but without all the pesky having-to-knit-a-sweater bits.

I already started formatting this one. I don't know, maybe I'm just in the mood to be continually frustrated by trying to move a picture in Microsoft word. 🀯 It's still got a long way to go but at least the first section is ready.

It's been below freezing for like a week, so my pile of used knitwear is already stacking up. I need either more closet space or less knits. πŸ€” I've already sacrificed a linen closet to sweaters, may need to turn the office into a walk-in accessories closet

Finished my cowl!! Pattern write up should be quick since it's all charted, just need to, you know, get up and write it. πŸ€”

Thank you @threeirishgirlsyarn 😍😍😍😍 you just get me. 😚

I swore I would only use the powers of my exibitor pass for #vklminneapolis for good, but I maaaaay have snuck in some shopping while setting up. 🀨

Blocking. It's only like a 400 yard cowl but it feels like it took forever. 😐

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