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Michael Dean Fleming  Mostly pictures of knitting and my cat, usually accompanied by sarcastic commentary. Sometimes I write knitting patterns.

Poor Brenda from HR is on bed rest. She thought the deer passing through our yard wanted to be her friends but she couldn't catch them and tore a ligament trying😟 she'll be okay but may need surgery next week.

Fact. @kristyglassknits thinks I'm funny, clearly proven by this screen grab. Head over to her YouTube channel to watch my interview, she just posted it today!!

Was it I'll advised to jump right onto a 48 inch rigid heddle loom so that I could make blankets after only having previously woven a scarf? Perhaps. Am I feeling a bit smug right now about my reckless confidence? Very much yes. 😏
Gradient warp and the same gradient as the weft. One skein each of @madelinetosh Dk. "Hi-Lo." "By Far," "Gosia," and "Antique Moonstone."

She's done!!!! Like 12 hours of my vacation weekend had to go into deciphering my notes, formatting, and tech editing. 🀯 But it was totally worth it because shes up on!
I decided that maybe brevity isn't the soul of wit after all and named her "Lana Loves a Llama but the Llama Loves Pajamas"
My apologies to Mr. Shakespeare, but you can just search "Lana loves a llama" in Ravelry and it pops up. Or just hit the link in my bio to go right to my pattern store! 😍😍😍

Pattern formatting days are the worst days. Especially when the entire pattern is little fiddly bits.
I need to come up with a name but I can't get past "Lana Loves a Llama but the Llama Loves Pajamas" which may be to Long type into Ravelry πŸ˜•

I spent yesterday warping and starting to weave on my new 48" rigid heddle loom. Which I love 😍 but seriously if you're under 6' tall reconsider because this thing is a BEAST.

Conceptualizing, Designing, swatching all in one morning. It's amazing how much I can accomplish wile procrastinating.

I'm calling this baby blanket "an exercise in rushed seams because the baby was two weeks early."

DONE! Apologies for kind of half-assing this photo and relying on filters but IN MY DEFENSE it's like 80° and I didn't want to spend extra time outside in a wool sweater. 😐
Knit in @houseofalamode Tweed DK, lopi "anniversary" sweater.

So I'm not actually done painting my house, but I finished the front so at least Society can think I accomplished something. πŸ˜‰

FINALLY on the yoke of my #lopi "Anniversary" sweater! As much as I love the traditional steel-wool softness of Lettlopi, I instead opted for the super squish-tastic @houseofalamode Tweed DK. "Twin Peaks," the green, is A-MAH-ZING and I'm all (bomb emoji, heart eyes emoji, star eyes emoji)

First project off the loom and blocked!! Silk warp, wool weft, dog hair sprinkled throughout.

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