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Mason Williams  •NVC Student📚•Vallejo High Baseball Coach⚾•Bre🐸#RIPLuis #doitforlui

From yesterday's game. Thanks for the amazing Christmas Present honey 😘 @breanna_jarmin

My princesa 👑

Happy Birthday My Dude! Can't believe you're 13 already. @_ndhcyfjd

Best Summer yet. A nice walk the other day with me, Bre, and 9ner❤️ #summer2016 @breanna_jarmin

Picnic day with my lady

Perfect day with ma'lady ❤️

Nothing better than a little People Under the Stairs on this warm, sunny day. Not to bad Thes One @blowmtvapps @piecelock70 #puts #peopleunderthestairs

Just cuz I love De La Soul O'soo much. Sb's are life #nikesb #blessup #dirtygreen #delasoul delasole #sole #soul

Everything is different through an Eye of a Lens. #blessup #photographers #photoshooting #nightshooting

What a Time to be Alive. @basaboi @blxpp_ders @jocampo_

Good times, Great company. Another shoot done 🔑✔️ @basaboi @blxpp_ders @jocampo_ let's get set another one up ASAP.

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