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Meghann VanderBaan  Encouraging women to re-discover their personal style, prioritize self-care and live well with less.

I didn’t get the leopard shoe memo, but with this stylish trio, I should have known that they’d all be wearing the hottest print. 🐆🔥⁣

There was so much joy in-store last night at our @evereveofficial Style Social with @renewingmom! ⁣

Women discovered that feeling you get when you slide into the perfect pair of jeans. Stay-at-home Moms stepped up their “pickup lane” looks, Working Mamas grabbed completer pieces they needed for the office, Spring-Breaking Chicas getting ready for Hawaii, Mexico, Florida...and I found the wardrobe stapes I’m going to base our Spring Style Guide on! 🙌🏼🥰⁣

Head to my stories later today to see what I grabbed! #evereveofficial #chicagomomblogger #renewingmom #serveinspirestyle #funfashion #mvbstyle #joyinstore

Deke and I had my favorite type of play date yesterday! ⁣

We went to @evereveofficial @shoparboretum and played dress up with @tonyapro and the team. They were amazing! So patient with my kiddo and super supportive of me. They listened to my needs (Mexico in 8 days!) and brought me tons of cute outfits to try on. I honestly loved everything. Today in my #igstories, I’m sharing some of the looks. If you’re local, COME TO MY EVENT with @renewingmom on Thursday. DM me for details. 😘👗👖🛍 #mvbstyle #renewingmom #evereveofficial #dresslikeamom #chicagomomblogger #suburbanmom

You guys have to go check out my stories today! I’m sharing all of the behind-the-scenes details of an in-person Closet Remix session with you! What questions do you have for me about this service? #closetremix #mvbstyle #chicagomomblogger #personalstylist #capsulewardrobe

If you’ve been hanging with me for a little while, you know I’m obsessed with @evereveofficial If you’ve never heard of them, I’m so excited to be the one to introduce you! Evereve’s website describes them as the “fashion authority for moms.” Love it! I’d like to think that we have something in common. ;)⁣

A few years ago, when I was first transitioning my wardrobe from $5 items from the clearance rack at that big box store where I bought diapers, I turned to Evereve to introduce me to the cutest, trendiest denim and jackets. I love their edited selection that makes shopping easy. No more wading through pages and pages of items that bore me. I can click over to their website and oogle the pretties any time. I highly recommend joining their email list to get cute outfit ideas every day. This is where some of my favorite looks are inspired! Click the link in my bio to shop. #dresslikeamom #evereveofficial #everevestyle #chicagomomblogger #ontheblog #styleroundup

I may have on waaaaay too much makeup for a second grade class party 💋⁣

Can I be real with ya for a sec? I haven’t always found this app to be inspiring. Like AT ALL. For a long time, I was jealous of the success I saw others having and I grew frustrated with my life. I felt like these beautiful women had it all figured out and I was so far behind. Like my business would never grow and my house would never be clean and my kids would never sit still and body wasn’t toned enough. My clothes too boring. My husband “not doing enough” for me. All. The. Things. ⁣

I’m not sure why I wanted to spill this sob story today, on the day of LOVE. But maybe you’re feeling the same. Frustrated with where you are and ready to give up. ⁣

This is what I’m learning (like present tense learnING) Regardless of anyone else’s success, we can succeed. Others are here to show us the way. To show us what is possible. When I reframed to think of it differently, most of the angst fell away. I also realized that the jealousy I felt helped me see what I wanted for myself: More travel, fun clothes, family time, dates, a clean minimal house, highlights... 😉⁣

Can I give a shout out to iGstories for letting us connect in such a real uncurated way? XO
#thisisme #chicagomomblogger #deepthoughts #beinspired

Q: How do I wear socks with booties? ⁣

A: Like this! I put them under my jeans, roll up juuuust a little so you can see them a teeny bit. Viola! Warm feet.⁣

How do you do it? #chicagomomblogger #personalstylist #winterstyle #saugatuckbrewing #loveyourmelon #sorelboots #mvbstyle #aroundtheburbsstyle

New post! 👗Fast Fashion vs 👖Quality Investments (link in bio) ⁣

Yes! That’s right....I have a blog and I’m actually writing. It’s been so much fun to get my creative writing on. My goal with the blog is to be helpful and BRIEF. I know you don’t have time for me to go on and on and include a ton of extra photos. Lmk what you think!! Are you into fast fashion or do you invest? ⁣

#chicagomomblogger #personalstylist #splurgeorsteal #targetstyle #evereveofficial #dresslikeamom #denimanddresses

I’m finally kinda warm. 🙌🏼⁣

“Kind of” because...I live in Chicago. 💨 and also because I splurged on a down-filled winter coat this year. ⁣

What clothing items have you splurged on lately? ⁣

#chicagomomblogger #personalstylist #sorel #chicagowinter #splurgeorsteal

What makes you feel really great? For me, I love the spark I see in the eyes of the women I’ve talked to who are excited to go clean out their closets. 😂 It’s empowering for both of us!
#closetcleanout #mopsinternational #mops #personalstylist #closettherapist #chicagomomblogger

These are my new Fabletics Leggings. Cute, right? Go watch my stories to see everything I picked in my first VIP shipment! #fableticsleggings #fabletics #momwear #wearamiwednesday #evereveofficial #camo

I've been saying this "I need less than I think" Mantra for a long time! But, here's a little BTS insight right now. I go in cycles. I am super confident in this Mantra at times and then others, I get caught up in the hunt for something. ⁣

Right now, it's makeup. I think I just realized that there are 10000 products out there and I don't think I've necessarily been choosing the right ones for me (especially foundation)! I was talking to a girlfriend yesterday and she really hit the nail on the head. She said this happens to her every winter. She longs to feel fresh and pretty this time of year. SAME HERE! ⁣

This is the beauty of the Mantra, though and it hit me like a ton of bricks this morning as I watch a youtube makeup video while I work...are we focusing on what really matters when we start to obsess over something? ⁣

Here's my take. I need to go find a professional to help me with this problem. So I can find an answer and move on!! Anyone else? .
#motivation #transformation #wellness #mondaymotivation #happymonday #selflove #mindfulness #goodvibes #inspiration

It’s February and I am still keeping my New Year’s Resolution!! 🙌🏼⁣

My word of the year is FUN. My FUN might not look like yours, but for me, waking up early and playing with makeup makes me happy. I’m inspired right now by Kayti at @thebeyoutybureau. She so engaging and honest and I could watch her put on makeup for hours. I love her take on life. ⁣

Check my stories for another FUN (I’m gonna always put that in caps, k?) activity I did today—a hand lettering workshop with @olealettering @gatheredboutiqueandworkshop
It was frustrating because I thought I’d be instantly good at it (who knew making a thin line would be so hard) but it’s something I’d love master. I’ll keep practicing!! abc abc abc... #yearoffun #findthefun #makeupfun #handletteringnewbie #newyears2019 #newyearsresolutions

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