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MEL VANDERSLUIS  Canadian-based creative & entrepreneur ↠ Founder @bymelanieaudrey ✎ ⚐ Currently: Montreal 🇨🇦 ꘜ LIGHTROOM TUTORIAL ꘜ

Continuing my birthday celebrations with a giveaway with @santamarguerite!

We’ll be giving away a Guatemala top which is one of my personal favourites and the one i’m wearing in this picture!

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Winner will be chosen at random Tuesday 11AM EST. You can enter as many times as you like by tagging different travel buddies!
Good luck and have fun!
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🎉 28 years on this planet! Here's to many more years of travel and adventure with my friends, my family and all of you amazing humans by my side.

Special thanks to @laurentaylorsurfartist for adding some beautiful birthday balloons to this picture!

(📸: @versepasi x @laurentaylorsurfartist)

(5/5) Be kind.

There's no way you know what everyone else has going on in their lives so spread kindness around wherever you can. Maybe you'll make a difference in someone's day. #thoughtsbefore28
Turning 28 tomorrow!🙊

First YouTube tutorial on Lightroom is finally up! Link is hanging in my bio. Preset tutorials to come shortly! Thank you guys for all the support!! ❤🙏🏼
(📸: @alexcentomo)

(4/5) Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.

I know it’s a hard one. In this social media world it’s hard to not compare your life to someone else’s, their successes to yours. But spend lots of “me time” figuring out what is important to you and what you want that makes you really happy and then go out and make it happen!
(📸: @lisahomsy)

(3/5) Binge watch on Netflix responsibly! Make sure nothing important is happening the next day that you need to be on your A-game for. No operating heavy machinery either. Cause let's be honest once you start watching 13 Reasons Why, you wont be able to stop and it will only result in a serious lack of sleep! #thoughtsbefore28 (📸: @lisahomsy)

(2/5) Communication is key!

Oh boy lol this is a big one and something I work on all the time. Communication affects ALL relationships! Always say what you need to say and when someone needs to talk to you ZIP IT and listen to them. Like REALLY listen, don't start thinking of all the things you want to say next...that is not listening. Communication only works when both parties are open, kind, and listen to each other. #thoughtsbefore28

📸: @lisahomsy

(1/5) I'm turning 28 this week so I thought it could be fun to reflect on some of the things I've learnt as a 27 year old! Here we go...

Don't hate, collaborate. There is more then enough work out there for everyone! As much as you say you can handle a project alone, there is always strength and fun in numbers! #thoughtsbefore28

There is a crazy before and after of this picture thanks to @thetropicalartist. Check out my story!

(Photo taken by @kylemeck)

After receiving over 200 DM's from you guys about editing I'm finally working on some YouTube tutorials!

I'll be doing a basics tutorial for those who are just getting started with Lightroom, working with purchased presets and building your own presets. If there's more video ideas you'd like me to do, let me know below :)

I would love it if you guys could subscribe to my channel! I put the link in my bio :)
(📸: @lisahomsy)

When adulting takes a break and the inner child comes out to play! Just a couple of nuts!

What are you guys up to this weekend??

(📸: @versepasi)

I am both excited and experiencing serious FOMO for this #Coachella weekend! Someone teleport me there please! If you're going to Coachella leave a 🌵below!
(📸: @lisahomsy)

Happiness is _______.
What does happiness look like for you? Forget about what everyone else is doing and think about what makes YOU happy. To me it's being on the beach sipping a coconut with all my favourite people and perhaps my favourite unicorn!
(📸: @lisahomsy)

When the weather decides to provide you with some warmth and sun but the backyard is not quite ready, you make do by making the roof of your car a temporary lawn chair. ☀️🚘

Also! I just created a Facebook page ( I've already posted a few before/after shots of my editing!
(Photo taken by @lisahomsy)

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