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Bandanas for All Journeys  Powered by Community, Inspired by Nature. Curated | Small Batch | Handmade in NY 🌎 ECO SHIPPING WORLDWIDE 💌

Seaglass found on the beach can come in so many colors, it was only right to expand our own SEAGLASS series with a little variety, too! 💗💛 We present to you ROSE + AMBER SEAGLASS(es), exquisite linens imported from Japan, with a luxurious flow and gorgeous overlapping floral border. Both are being uploaded in the shop late tonight (in NY), so keep your eyes peeled and fingers ready! 👀

BLUEBERRY + STRAWBERRY are officially back for pre-orders in all sizes!! 🙌🏼 This pair is a high quality woven cotton we imported from South Korea, and both can be easily worn by boys and girls (and unicorns) alike! 😜 We hope to get them ready to ship in early June as we are catching up on other pre-orders and orders first, but this restock will be the only one this year, so don’t wait too long! 😎
>> Feat. the handsome duo Alfie + Rudi of @palm_fotografie in BLUEBERRY + STRAWBERRY

It can be hard to get back into the groove of certain things (like posting regularly) after a break. Despite jet lag, however, we didn’t miss a beat and started cutting fabrics the very next day getting back! 👊🏽 Our supplier ended up sending the wrong ones right before we left, but now resent and corrected, this trio will be sewn this weekend and shipped out next week! 🙌🏼 While you patiently wait for these pre-orders and more, we have 2 brand new releases and 2 re-releases to drop this week, AND another 6-8 planned next month! 👀 Oh, and there’s an epic photo contest coming soon,, are you excited yet? 😎

Instagram may be a place to meet people all over the world you wouldn’t otherwise, but it’s a bigger gift to connect with people and their dogs offline. ❤️ Today Mutt Cloth heads back to NY with a bag of new fabrics, a collection of new memories, and new friends to come back and visit again soon! 🙌🏼 Needless to say, this trip was quite a success, and we got to meet quite a few of the extended Mutt Cloth family! Thank you to @noctis.and.luna, @hey.kubo, @myadventuretails, @maggielovesorbit, @iamasuperhiro, @ragtimejimmy, @thebeauceronboys, @sablewild, @katsu_theshiba, @foxnwlf, and a few without IG, for the good company, meals, camping, beaches, trails, talks, and of course, the pups in all their bandanas. 👋🏽 Thank you and see you next time!!!
>> Feat. Ambassadors Noctis + Luna (@noctis.and.luna) in ARTIFACT + RELIC, Kubo (@hey.kubo) in MUSTARD, Rocky + Mike (@myadventuretails) in HAND ME DOWN + FIRESIDE, Orbit + Maggie (@maggielovesorbit) in MUSTARD + SALT (DARK BLUE), Hiro (@iamasuperhiro) in EVERGREEN, Boogie Woogie + Ragtime Jimmy (@ragtimejimmy) in FLAIR + ZEST, Ambassadors Mowgli + Atreyu (@thebeauceronboys) in MARQUISE + MAHAL, Misha (@sablewild) in REVIVAL, Katsu (@katsu_theshiba) in LICHEN and Miko + Aya (@foxnwlf) in CHECKMATE + HATCH.

We’ve been neglecting our shop and social media for nearly a week now, but we figured we at least try to ease our way back into things post-vacation by releasing a little something called TANSY! 🙌🏼 This May flower drop is not only inspired by the charming bunches of yellow florals pictured, it is dedicated to a very special long-standing crew member, @tansypup. 💛 The plants can grow as high as a yard/meter so we figured Sun Yellow and Sky Blue were pretty appropriate trim options! Similar to our MARIGOLD bandana (which has now been restocked for pre-orders by the way), TANSY is printed on a high quality cotton we imported from South Korea. Reserve your’s today - the first batch will go out at the end of the month, but the next one may not be until later in the summer due to more travels! 👀

Is it just us or has this year’s Spring been especially lovely? 😍 Well, we can’t get enough of all the incredible flower photos we’ve been seeing! 🌷We head out on our trip out west tomorrow and the shop will stay open with a “Spring Cleaning” sale, but all orders starting today through the 20th will be shipped at the end of the month. 👈🏽 To make up for the delay, we will also be bringing back some old favorites to pre-order AND drop a brand new floral release, too! 😱 So how’s that for a vacation plan?
>> Feat. Kouki of @kouki.thekleekai in ARTIFACT

ARTIFACT + RELIC feature a modern hybrid design of tribal, geometric, and stripes inspired by human digging - archaeology! 🔍As for the diggers in dog form, the structured blend of cotton and linen makes for a very dig-worthy durable fabric, almost eco canvas like without its stiffness. 💪🏽 We’ve just restocked both as “open editions,” but they will be our last batches for a long while - we’ve got so much else coming!! 👀

We challenge you to find a bigger #tongueouttuesday than this one! 👅 It’s like a Jurassic Park moment out of the bush, except instead of biting your head off, this dinosaur is bored and just wants some treats. 😅
>> Feat. the beast Boston of @dobiesisters in BETTA

We favor and stock quite a bit of plaids and all over prints, but they never quite come out as unique or mysterious as the abstracts! BETTA and KOI can only be described as having ombré-like splashes of color with plant-like or fish fin-like forms - the rest is up to your imagination! 💭 The first few batches sold out very quickly, but fortunately we were able to restock it again and again as “open editions.” This unusual cotton linen blend set is like a cross between double gauze and flannel - gentle and cozy, yet breathable for year round wear!

It’s been raining all weekend here and the sun is finally out, so let’s start off this week with some light and bright! ☁️🌥⛅️🌤☀️ We crunched hard this weekend and will be finishing up and sending out nearly 100 orders in the next 3 days. Soon after, we will have a little “Spring Cleaning” sale to make space for some new fabrics to pick up on our trip to California. So, bring on the sunshine! 🌞
>> Feat. The magically moustached Tod of @todandmemphis in HATCH

HATCH is quickly becoming a personal favorite here at the MC studio! It is a plaid from Canada with a little bit of “bounce” and its linen content makes it flowy, breathable, AND only gets better with more use and wash. 😱 It’s no secret our shop is filled with tons of blue already, so what can be better than a blue on blue (on cream) plaid? 💙 Available now in a midnight blue or matching baby blue trim.

Oh the places our bandanas have been! 😍 Castles, slot canyons, fjords, big cities, deserts, and more. They say you can find beauty all around you if you look hard enough, but sometimes beauty is also worth seeking far from home! 👀 As we make and prepare to send out over 100 orders in the next week before heading out for our own little trip, the thought of where all our bandanas will end up going is bewildering! 🙌🏼 Does anybody have any exciting adventures planned soon? Maybe we should bring back sponsored trips... 🤔
>> Feat. the marvelous model, Belleau of @lifewbelleau in SALT (DARK BLUE)

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