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Representing my team on game day. Haha! 👽 #TheXFiles #xfiles

My nephew, baby Niko! 😃

Watching the finale. I don't want to believe I'm watching the last episode of this show...

Kirk Hammett and Corey Taylor both mentioned The X-Files when asked about scary TV shows they loved! Awesome! #fearfestevil #xfiles

The day after I ordered this, they announced the X-Files was returning to television. Coincidence? I think not. #xfiles #xfilesboardgame

I met this little guy last night. His name's Milo.

Ziltoid. That is all. #ziltoid

At the Common Thread drum clinic at Skip's in Modesto. Matt Halpern, JP Bouvet and Mike Johnston. Amazing drummers and super nice guys.

That's it. I'm starting my Ten Thirteen re-watch...NOW! #xfiles

Me with @dinocazares at the Fat Cat last night. Fear Factory was amazing! I finally got to hear Zero Signal live. #fearfactory

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