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Alex Mutchler  🙏🏻Christian 📚Philippians 4:13 💰Entrepreneur 💵 Network Marketer 👻 mutchler87


Slow mo Portland ❤️

Life’s gonna give you what you put into it!❤️ There’s no secret to success or happiness. There’s no shortcuts. But one of my favorite tips..if you eat good food, you feel good. If you feel good, you do good. If you do good, good things will come to you! Law of Attraction❤️ Happy people attract happy people! Protect your own happiness. Because when you are happy you are the best version of yourself and that’s what the world needs more of😊 #mutchlove

Perspective is 🔑. You can complain about the 🌧, or you can step back and see all the GREEN because of it..😊☔️❤️ #mutchlove #Oregon

Apparently I didn’t know where to look..😏

If you know my Mom, you love my Mom. ❤️ Today’s her birthday and I am extremely grateful God chose her to be my Mother. She’s been the perfect combination of everything I needed and so much more! She’s been understanding when I was hoping she wouldn’t be mad, she’s been upset when I needed to see I made a big mistake and wasn’t really aware of it, she’s been loving without over extending her opinion when I felt like “if one more person gives me advice I’m gonna scream”, and above all, she’s shown me that love isn’t dependent upon the person receiving the love, but the person giving it. She’s never loved me less when I felt I deserved less love, for falling short of what she expected. And truthfully, though she holds me in high regard, and wants the best for me, I’ve never felt like she had “expectations” of me. She’s just loved me for me, and hoped and prayed for the best for me! Love you to the moon😊❤️ Happy Birthday, Mom!

Nature is always there reminding you of perspective. When at the top of one of the most majestic mountains in the world, looking out over the landscape, you begin to see just how small you and your problems are.. For me, (forgive the repetition) I also realize I’m at the top of one of the most majestic mountains in the world, and I can accomplish so much because of how blessed I am and how much opportunity I’ve been given😊❤️ Step Back. Focus on what matters. Love this life. Live. #lovemutch #mthood #timberline

Saw this little jewel on my #FedEx route. Today is all you have my friend. The past doesn’t define you, the future isn’t clear, but today is one moment in time you can decide to win. The person you want to be tomorrow is decided by the person you’re willing to be today! Is that future person you want to be richer, healthier, more charming and comfortable speaking in front of crowds..? Whatever you want that person to look like..take steps TODAY to define them more clearly and they’ll start taking shape 😘 #wintheday #goducks #mutchlove

Flashback Friday because 1. Peace signs are cool right? 2. Trevor’s face is priceless. 3. I was secretly just trying to find a way to show off my awesome new watch that I bought myself for Christmas😜

Late night thoughts..😊

No filter goodness! Such an amazing weekend!😊❤️

Top 9.. 2017 was one for the record books. Most personal growth I’ve ever experienced in one year, met some amazing people and many became friends of a lifetime almost overnight, and I’ve started pushing in the areas that I’m passionate about and letting less distractions get in the way. I’m looking forward to pushing past more boundaries, setting higher goals, and accomplishing more in every area of my life❤️

Yesterday was perfect ❤️

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