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Christine and I are coming to town this weekend and would love to spend some time with our friends😊 We will be starting at TopGolf Saturday afternoon and then continuing with dinner and a night out. If you can make it, even if only for a part of the day, we’d love to see you🙂

Had an incredible weekend😊❤️

Today’s all about YOU Mom😘
Thanks for being exactly what I needed as a Mother, and putting up with my sense of humor😜 We’re gonna have to get brunch and celebrate you when you get back from Alabama😊

Love you❤️ (Picture inspired by Ryan Reynolds😂) #happymothersday

Awesome time with @mileshixon9 and @craig_butler1 out on the dunes! Haven’t been riding like this in over 10 years and it was fun to be able to share something I really enjoyed doing as a teen with my nephews❤️ Making good memories with family will always be at the top of my priorities😊 #mutchlove

The Easter Bunny really came through this year🐰👫

Have you ever noticed something in your life, and you knew it existed but then you REALLY took a moment to realize how true it was for you?
For me that happened today. I was sitting in my living room after getting off of the phone and just started looking out my back window and realizing how much I love where I live, how much my friends mean to me, how I have a great, working relationship with all of my family despite our insignificant differences of opinion on certain things.. and how much living in a place I ENJOY has really helped my mindset and my outlook.
I’m making good money but I’m constantly working on building a life that will be able to affect more than just myself. If I fail at every single thing besides loving those who call me friend or family, I’m ok with that.. but I do want to live a life of influence. Not because I need someone to know my name or who I am and what I stand for..but because I’ve been given so much and if I can help others come to the point in their life where they have the joy, peace, and fulfillment that I have in life I would feel humbled I could be a small part of it.

If you’ve never been up to the top of Mt. Hood and you live in the area..go. You can’t capture the depth of what you’re seeing in photos..the iPhone hasn’t caught up to the eye just yet😜 The view will blow you away each and every time. Getting off the lift and turning to see hundreds and hundreds of miles of forest, mountains, and hills all of which are being lit by the sunlight in different amounts..❤️ #lovemutch

Such a great 31st birthday! ❤️

Slow mo Portland ❤️

Life’s gonna give you what you put into it!❤️ There’s no secret to success or happiness. There’s no shortcuts. But one of my favorite tips..if you eat good food, you feel good. If you feel good, you do good. If you do good, good things will come to you! Law of Attraction❤️ Happy people attract happy people! Protect your own happiness. Because when you are happy you are the best version of yourself and that’s what the world needs more of😊 #mutchlove

Perspective is 🔑. You can complain about the 🌧, or you can step back and see all the GREEN because of it..😊☔️❤️ #mutchlove #Oregon

Apparently I didn’t know where to look..😏

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