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MUTANT  Official MUTANTNATION account. "LEAVE HUMANITY BEHIND" #mutantnation #mutant

You want the specs? You got it!!
• Full dull 600D nylon oxford fabric
• Large main-zip compartment with additional storage on front-side pocket
• 2 side-end zippered pockets
• Built-in velcro side holster for cell phone
• Adjustable, padded shoulder strap and carry handle
• Built-in bottom board for shape retention
• Dimensions: 60 x 26 x 22 cm

• Microfiber waffle 80% polyester / 20% polymide
• Dimensions: 17" x 34"
• Embroidered "MUTANT" biohazard logo
• Yellow edge tubbing
• Super absorbent

You know what goes together as good as apple pie and ice cream? A black MUTANT Gym Bag with the MUTANT Microfiber Towel. Who carries a gym towel with them when they train? Who needs a new gym bag for all your workout gear? Head over to our website and refresh your bag and towel game.

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We've set the bar very high with MUTANT ISO SURGE. Premium quality ingredients, mixed with the custom gourmet flavours we've created. You want the best to taste the best...You got it. MUTANT NATION wouldn't accept anything less.

We decided to create our own custom gourmet flavours, utilizing flavour technology used by the world's leading ice cream brands. In our quest for taste, we have assembled an amazing array of 13 unbelievable flavours that will blow you away.

You want a high quality whey isolate that will deliver exactly what the label says, with a huge hit of gourmet flavour. You want the best, to taste the best. Pure and simple. That's why MUTANT is proud to deliver MUTANT ISO SURGE!

MUTANT - Leave Humanity Behind, IFBB Pro Manuel Romero Ep #3 – By the end of this workout, the pump was unreal. Manny was so pumped he could hardly perform some of the movements. Here, @rep300 pushes him on the Hammer Decline Press supersetted with pec dec.

MUTANT - Leave Humanity Behind, IFBB Pro Manuel Romero Ep #3 – The pain continues as Manny pushes hard during an exhaustive and fast paced chest workout. @rep300 pushes him with a strip set all the way to total failure here.

MUTANT - Leave Humanity Behind, IFBB Pro Manuel Romero Ep #3 - PUMPED - In the third episode, we see Manny hooking up with his good friend and fellow MUTANT, IFBB Pro @rep300. He helps Manny through a tough chest workout, with lots of supersets and strip sets. It's not your usual boring old chest routine. Everything is done the hardest way possible. MUTANT - Leave Humanity Behind, IFBB Pro Manuel Romero Ep #3 – PUMPED

If you follow the bodybuilding history of Venice California, then you’ll know that the main bodybuilder spot to eat at is @thefirehousevenice. Which is why @dustyhanshaw08 had to go there for Dining With Dusty. This is the world famous “Bob Bowl,” named after @ifbbprobobchick. What do you order when you go there?

Are you tired of drinking shakes? Well here is a fast and easy recipe for a delicious ISO SURGE MUG CAKE. Made popular by @dustyhanshaw in his kitchen videos, this is a classic recipe that will hit the sweet tooth every time! So get your favorite mug and go to work! Tag a friend who needs this in their life.

MUTANT is happy to showcase Brian Wojtusik as this month's #LIFTR. Brian recently won the 275lb Men's Open and Master's class at the WNPF USA Raw Bench Press Championships. Thanks for the love Brian. Wearing our shirts while being a beast definitely gets you posted!

MUTANT Biohazard Collage Gray Tee - Here's one for the all purpose part of your closet. The MUTANT Biohazard Gray Tee. It's comfy and fits just right, while not being too loud or aggro. 100% cotton, so it's always comfy, it can be worn anywhere from the squat rack to the restaurant. With a collage of MUTANT logos on the front, and Leave Humanity Behind on the back, it's one for the list for sure! The MUTANT Collage Biohazard Gray Tee

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