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Mutah Napoleon Beale  Mutah Beale (Napoleon) former original member of 2pac's Outlawz,entrepreneur, Contact details Mutah.napoleon@gmail.com....Saudi/UAE/USA


Always good seeing my brother Qusai @qusaimuziq 💪🏽 convos always on point.

My brother, my homie Zahid came and checked me out today Alhamdulillah, Zahid grew up in #losangeles a former Denver Lane Blood member but Alhamdulillah he accepted #islam moved to #saudiarabia and been living here for about 15 years now. One of my real potnas 👌🏽 May Allah preserve him

Young muslim brother calling the#adhan call to prayer in #philadelphia, #islam is strong in #philly and no matter where you go in the city of philly you will see Muslims maa shaa Allah 💪🏽 repost from @haqq_28_ #americanmuslims

Alhamdulillah the Homies from #brooklyn, #canada, #kansascity #pittsburgh and #saudi all came out to the #coffee truck and showed us nothing but love and support today 🙏🏽

Thanks for the support brother Waleed @dedu0

Come kick it with your boy, we chilling at the MW cafe #coffeetruck here in #riyadh we at our new location, off of Prince Turkey bin AWOL street, Exit 1 diriyah, next to Saco زورونا مع اصدقائكم ، هنا في #الرياض متواجدون في موقعنا الجديد، طريق الأبراج بعد ساكو (مجمع الثغر بلازا)،مخرج ١، الدرعيه

#health is #wealth! Back at it at @intervalplus putting that work in, happy to be back in #crossfit class with coach Guy from #australia, he keep us on our toes 👌🏽#fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #getfit #gym #intervals #training

@saudabdulaziz14 pops, The OG came through to the #coffee truck and bought all the #beanpies that were left, all 11 of them. May Allah reward him and bless him with khair in this life and the next

Thanks to all those who came out and showed support today at our soft opening of our coffee truck @mwcafetruck we are still out, same location so please come through. King abdulaziz street, across from the kingdom school. All are welcomed. Had to rock my @dcjeans_saroual_clothing for the truck opening today Alhamdulillah

With the homies 🙌🏽#Repost @mohammedkarim60 (@get_repost)
Throwback #Ramadan! Iftar at @sultankhoory 🏡 #dubai #mydubai @rakanmk @mohammedkarim60 @rkhoory

Alhamdulillah, We are happy to announce that the launch of our coffee truck will be tomorrow here in riyadh ان شاءالله, the location will be across from the Kingdom School on King abdulaziz Road. The new Time will be 4:00 PM after asr prayers in shaa Allah, please spread the word and hope to see you there.

الحمدلله ، نسعد لإعلامكم بأفتتاح عربتنا المتنقلة في السعودية ( MW كافيه ترك ) في مدينة الرياض سنكون متواجدون غداً بإذن الله تعالى مقابل مدارس المملكة على طريق الملك عبدالعزيز في تمام الساعه 4:00 مساءاً بعد صلاة العصر ان شاء الله ، نرجو ابلاغ اصدقاءكم ونسعد برؤيتكم .
#الرياض #قهوة مختصة #قهوة #صباح_الخير

Here's a news article I came across this morning about the murder of my parents, speaking to my brother @muminfitness a few hours ago he told me he came across information that actually explained the whole scenario, growing up we never really knew the exact cause behind the murder of my parents until today. We heard many stories and a lot didn't make sense, but today My brother read the statement from one of the murderers who testified and turned state evidence, and apparently my father had shot an individual and in return this same person paid thousands of dollars to put a hit out on my father, and the ones he chose to murder my father was my father's best friend. Some one who use to sleep at my grandmother's house, he was a friend of my father since the age of 15-16 years old. Even though finding out the true Story won't change anything but my whole life I questioned exactly what was the real reason, so it kind of bring me some closure. When the judge ask the killers why didn't you kill the kids, their reply was we planned to murder the kids also but we ran out of bullets shooting at the mother, Allah yarhama, even though I got shot in the foot during the killing of my parents, I Thank Allah for protecting me and my brothers as it could've been worst. I take this as a lesson learned, making a decision in the heat of a moment can change your life for ever. Many times when I'm about to take it there with some one, I ask myself do I really want my kids to be raised with out a father knowing what awaits them out in this world, and it actually bring things back into perspective for me. A real G is the one who's raising his kids, giving them a better quality of life that we didn't have. Holding your anger doesn't make you soft it makes you mature enough to be a real man. Not saying we don't have the right to defend ourselves and family's, we do by all means but making the wrong decision can change not only your life but the life of your love ones as well. May Allah have mercy on my mother, father and mustafa and unite us all in paradise together.

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