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Smartin  2015 -á´¢x6ʀ- RIP Nino, te quiero. F A N F A B _

HOLY SHIT! Major improvement my 2nd track day. Finally put my knee down on turn 4 through 5. That alone was the highlight of my day. After that it came almost natural on most left turns. This time around I was the one passing half the riders. Still got a lot to learn and hoping I can get more track time to eventually get my racers license. Thanks @trackdaz @chuckwallavalleyraceway for another fun event. Till' next time. ✌
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SoloDolo. ⚾

A man who traveled the world and LIVED his life with tremendous success in his MotoGP career passed away today. A man who rode in a dangerous world of two-wheel motorsport traveling up to 200mph in multiple races met his end in a bicycle accident of all things. This affects me not only because we shared the same passion and love for motorycles but as a everyday commuter and now occasional track rider. I constantly hear how threatening motorycles can be but ppl seem to forget that we can go out any other way like this champ did...this picture is for you #NickyHayden. Ride in Paradise brother. #69. 🕊

Heaven ain't hard to find.

Hoping to make some drastic improvements this weekend.

TrackdaZ in 5 dayz. 😼

You ain't doin' it right if you ain't havin' fun.




Couple laps in Mexico w/ @dani.gsxr6 while @tartarugacarver takes some action shots. 📸🏍
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Vin Scully Night. ⚾ #weluvyoupapa.

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