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Muskoka Heritage Stonecraft  Creation - Preservation - Restoration. Red Seal Brick & Stonemason. 🇨🇦 Specializing in concrete forming & house raising.

I would like to take a moment to talk about my experience with these @redwingheritage boots, I have now had two pair in the last year and a half, so I think my observations are valid.
The initial feel of the boot it incredible, the materials hold up as good as many other boots I have had before, this one is just starting to rip a little bit right around where the laces start closer to the toe.
Great easy on easy off lace layout.
My biggest complaint is that in this boot as well as the on I replaced I am getting a bunching of fabric material right at my big toe, which is gathering on the inside of the boot right at the steel toe, and this happened on my last pair exact same place and when I replaced those ones at the store we actually went through two other pairs that came from the factory with the knot of fabric already there. The first time was painful, and this pair is starting to get that way too. I would really like if @redwingheritage @redwingshoes @redwingrepairusa @redwingheritagewomen would reach out to me and help solve this issue, I have a hard time believing I am the only person this is happening to, and for a premium boot, this should not happen.

A #future project. Anyone else phone ringing off the hook?

So this happened last night 😀 found an Alberta #f250 #7point3 #powerstroke she has a couple issues but nothing my buddies at @northernupfitters can’t handle! Thank you Alex for helping the tow truck driver while I celebrated my daughters birthday!

@hilti check it out, I was literally laying block to a laser today really cool how this can be done with this unit. #masonry #block #mortar

Thank you @newformdrew for directing me to purchase this laser, what a game changer. Thank you @krystals.crystals for getting me a good price on it and thank you @norsemen_restaurant and @cosmicman for the work

#brickform #stamp #barnboard @formandbuildsupply today we stamped my father in laws sidewalk as a little surprise hope you like it @dudejohnvoyager were used this opportunity to practice with these difficult stamps

Beats doing it by hand #power #powertrowel #concrete #muskokagrind

#dig boy dig #concretelife too cheap for a pump when I have #manpower on a small #garage / #addition sure would have been nice if I had of got the two #belts I ordered

This machine is for sale if anyone is interested

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