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Adam McInnis ⚡️  Songwriter I Director I Music Consultant - I believe in today’s age, knowing the music business is as important as knowing how to play music.

Communication is the #1 REASON why business endeavors between individuals fail. One person is expecting something, while the other person is expecting something else. All of this can easily be solved with an open form of communication. Also, it's YOUR JOB as a musician to learn the language of business. It's literally NO ONE ELSE'S JOB TO TEACH YOU.  If you want to be a doctor then you'd have to learn every bone in the body, so that you can clearly speak to other professionals and assess each patient. So don't think it should be any different for you since you like to sing and play music. You too should learn everything you can about the language and the "bones" of the music business. Even in your personal relationships be openly honest from the start, that way you never have to feel like you can't be 100% you around your partner.


Start to ask "WHY" in everything again. You'll notice that you'll begin to unravel so many answers to your life, business, relationships, and more. For some reason, our brains stop asking why as we get older, but it's one of the things that also traps us in our conditioning. Once we think we know something we don't question it. Which is really scary when you think of all the things you do on a daily basis, but you don't even really know why you're doing them.  Ask all the girls on social media, who are posting pictures at the beach, always turned not facing the camera and poking out their butts. Ask them why they are doing it. And you'll see their face change because they realize, they don't even know truly why. They just know it will lead to attention. It's just become part of society. Start asking yourself, why, about everything. Why am I eating this food that's bad for me, Why am I dating people that treat me like I'm secondary, Why do I need attention, Why do I care what other people ,who I don't even know , think of me... Run down the "Why" rabbit hole for a bit and you'll come out the other side a whole new person.  #justaskadam #askadam

Approach is everything. Most people think by throwing a lot of darts that eventually you'll hit the bullseye. And that theory makes sense if you're the only one throwing. But in reality, there are 1.2 million other songwriters. That's a lot of darts. I can tell you, we receive about 30 emails per day. So what is one of the major differences between why some artists can send an email and get a response but others don't hear a word back? SIMPLE..... Some people approach it like a business and some people approach it like it's a hobby. Treat your business like a business and it will pay you like one.

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At the end of the day, Kim Kardashian does not care if you make it or not, Kylie doesn't either. All those SoundCloud rappers you spend all day watching, don't care as well. Literally, NO ONE, outside of you, your family, and your friends care if you become successful or not. So then why are you wasting time caring about their business?
Instead, why not invest in your own company... It's a simple 1 plus 1 equation. You could choose to spend one hour investing in Instagram Models or one hour in your company. If you invest in the models you'll get nothing in return, absolutely zero. But if you invest in yourself, you'll be more valuable!

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Shock Value could be a great tool or it could be a crutch. Learn how to use it wisely.
See the full video on IGTV

Are you shocked anymore by what you see on social media?

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Branding and Marketing is one of the hardest things for musicians because it takes a lot of time and energy and detail. But there's an easier way to figure out your brand, it's almost so simple that once you apply this method, people just start following and adding you on social media only because they feel connected to you in some subliminal way.

I've used this method with over 100 artists and all of the ones that follow this method have increased their social media drastically, yet all the people that I've told this to and have chosen to forget or ignore the advice, I see still have the same numbers as before.

So to that, I implore you to execute and not just listen to the information, execution is half the battle

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Here's a little social media hack that works great for when you want to boost the views and gain more followers on your release.
Do you have any social media tricks for releasing a music project?


One Night Stand Songwriting - For most of us who have been in the music industry for a while, we have many co-writers/collaborators that we work with. Some we are closer with and work more with than others, but I've learned something over the years by working with top production teams, which is why I created this video.
Some of the biggest production/writing teams in the world are people who are like minded, talented, and usually each person has a different strength than the person sitting to their left or right in a room. You might be better at lyrics than me, I might have a greater strength in song structure and melody, someone else might be great at producing the track.

So my advise to upcoming songwriters or even established ones, is simple. Find a few people that all have the SAME vision, No EGO amongst the group,  who are as talented or more talented than you, and who are hard working. Tell yourselves that you're going to write at least 10 songs together. That way you can grow to find your own unique sound and you can develop each song until you find that magic ONE that might make you all some real money or real advancements.

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Having this page has been an interesting and unique way for me to connect with other musicians and companies from all over the world, which I find extremely fascinating on a daily basis. But I also think it's interesting when peers and other musicians or executives ask me the question "Why do you take the time to do these podcasts?". I completely understand why they ask me, but the answer is so simple to me, I do it because many of us (me included) were taught the wrong way to become successful or we weren't really taught at all.
I'm here to tell you that the MOST talented person, doesn't win in the long run! There are so many other factors that come into success, that if "singing" or "rapping" or "making tracks" was the ONLY prerequisite to gaining success in the music industry, then every single person that was on The Voice or American Idol would be rolling in money by now, but they are not, in fact,  probably 95% are still trying to make over 30k a year with music.

I do these podcasts to help the next generation, to help the "younger version of me" that's out in the world somewhere. So that you can take hold of this knowledge, run with it, share the concepts with your friends, help your teams, and do something amazing that I couldn't do in the beginning of my career, only because I didn't know how to.

Don't forget, from now on Every Sunday at 6 pm PST is our live podcasts. Get the edge.

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Most of us were not taught business growing up, so when we try and gain success in our careers we usually reach a standstill when finances come into play. The truth of the matter is that if we all were well versed in business practices from an early age, these concepts and formulas would almost become second nature, but instead, we tend to be shocked and see financial freedom as a hustle and a struggle when it doesn't have to be at all.

If I can give you any advice it would be to take 20% out of every check or monies that you earn and put it immediately into a savings account. This is a great way of creating a safety net so that you can reinvest in yourself and any other business you might want to start.

Financial freedom also allows you to continue being true to you, thus not having to sign a crappy deal or not putting you in a position where your back is against the wall. I've seen people do some pretty crazy things, things that morally they would never choose to do only because they needed money.

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When I try and explain to people what a normal day was for me as a kid walking home from school, it's sometimes hard to truly create the perfect mental picture. So in this case, I didn't have to, a guy named Kevonn West posted this video on his social media and it is EXACTLY what I try to explain to people.

When you come from a place like this you learn different survival tools and to be honest, looking back, I'm glad I learned them. Because I was able to learn things from a completely different perspective than most.
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A HUGE Congratulations goes out to Aiza Ntibarikure ( @aizabby ) who has been selected by The Wimn ( @the_wimn ) as their official scholarship winner to our next Neverland Retreats event in Costa Rica this Nov 12-17th. The Wimn paid for the FULL trip and workshop for this talented artist and we couldn't be happier in their selection.

See below for more information

Ntibarikure is a bi-lingual (English/French) singer-songwriter with a musical style that blends R&B/soul, Afro-pop and some funk. She’s about to release her first EP of original music featuring what she describes as “catchy melodies and relatable lyrics.” The WiMN founder Laura B. Whitmore enthuses, “We are so excited to award this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to Aiza. We are confident she’ll gain some valuable skills and insights that will propel her career to the next level. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her.” Find out more about Aiza at and for more info

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