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Adam McInnis ⚡️  Songwriter I Director I Music Consultant - I believe in today’s age, knowing the music business is as important as knowing how to play music #AskAdam

Every single day I get demos from upcoming artists and within 2 minutes of scrolling down their page, I see pictures of them in a thong, squatting at the gym, or in front of a mirror poking out their asses.  Now, this is obviously a tactic that they are using to create attention, likes, comments, and to "feel" validated in today's' society. But, the reality is that it will not help your music career at all! All of the artists in the mainstream pop market who are known for sexuality NEVER started out that way. Miley, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, all started off with great songs and then once they had a bit a leverage and the world was noticing them, then they used the "shock" card of posting more sexually intriguing content. But when you show all of your sexuality cards on social media before anyone validates your music, it's actually going to work the opposite for you because there's no more room to grow, there's no more room for shock value, which ends up stopping your plane before it even really gets a chance to take flight. The honest reality is, that most people don't have a long career in the music industry. Remember beauty and talent does NOT mean you'll have a career. AMAZING music is how you'll break into the industry, it's how you'll have dedicated fans, being real, being artistic, saying something that resonates with people, these are the key factors that will outshine any butt when it comes to selling records.

#AskAdam #Justaskadam

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Best of the week winner: Liso

Technology is wild, I'm literally on a plane, looking over the ocean below as I upload this weeks' winner. Liso, is a remarkable young talent from South Africa. The second I heard his voice, I knew there was something special about him. It's refreshing to hear a voice like his, soulful, smooth, pop, and a little operatic. Obviously, this is only part of a song, some skatting and runs, but if this guy also writes hits songs then he's got a career ahead of him. I'd almost like to hear a track with him and Emeli Sande.  He didn't leave his contact info in his email so I wasn't able to post his page. (Lesson to all musicians, make sure you have a professional email, with all of your socials and contact info). Cheers Liso! #AskAdam #justaskadam

I sat down with David Hernandez (@haydn_is_hiding ) who won our best of the week and helped him understand the fastest way to make real connections and advancements in the music industry.

Workshops, events, expos, and conventions are the KEY to opening the door to fast success. Here are my top suggestions for workshops  @neverland_music_retreats


Be an AMAZING friend. Tag someone you feel could benefit from a music consultation with me. The winners will be the profile that tagged the most people. You will win a free music consultation for both yourself and one of the people you tagged (you will decide)  A $300 Value

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I randomly met this brilliant 15-year-old multi-instrumentalist David Hernandez @haydn_is_hiding, because my girlfriend and he shot a commercial last week. She showed me a video behind the scenes of him playing and I was really impressed by his demeanor and skillset. So I met up with him and gave him the best of the week award, cause he's awesome haha. I gave him a consultation after the interview and hopefully, you'll be hearing about his pathway in the music industry in the future. #askadam

Quick Interview with Los Angeles Photographer & Videographer Niko Necoechea. @thatvision , Niko and I sat down to discuss the importance of high-quality content in today's social media world. Also the realities of what's going on behind the scenes, in the real world. He works with many social influencers that have an average range of 200k-1 million followers and because of his great work and their online presence, he's been seeing a lot of growth over the last few years as social media has become more the forefront in society. Niko has great eye-grabbing material and I was happy to find out he also trains jiu-jitsu!  If you're an artist that's looking for affordable professional pictures, music videos, or online content. Visit for more information and to contact Niko.

LIVE STREAM - Tomorrow April 7th 9:15am PST.

Be an awesome person and TAG A FRIEND that you think is talented and could benefit from some extra advice, inspiration, and push in their career. If you have concerns about the music industry or how to open up the next level of your career, join us tomorrow where Adam will be in studio answering all of your questions.


GO ALL IN... If you've been watching entrepreneur gurus on youtube, you've probably heard this statement plenty of times. But, when you have bills, college, a job, and a list of other important things in your life, it can seem hard to just drop everything and go all in. If anything it might be scary for some people, to not have security. That being said, here's the reality... No one is going to bet on you, until you bet on you! The world will easily keep on spinning even if you never decide to put all your energy into your goals. No major label executive is staying up all night, waiting for you to give it all you've got. What actually happens, is some other person will get the reward because they went for it 100%. So to clarify, GOING ALL IN, just means "Focus as much time on your goal as possible, making it your only source of income, if you do this you'll be forced to become better at your endeavour because you'll understand the true demands of the market and will adjust accordingly"  Remember, the music industry is not for everyone and that's ok! But for the people that want this as a career, I suggest putting 100% on yourself at some point in your life and not just waiting until it's convenient. #askadam #justaskadam

BEST OF THE WEEK -KATIE KITTERMASTER (@katiekittermastermusic)

I received an email from her late last night, right before the deadline and I waited til the morning to check out the link. All I can say is I'm extremely impressed with this 17 year old. Her vocals, lyrics and stylings remind me a young Ed Sheerhan meets Ellie Goulding, which is very interesting in such a young artist. Keep an eye out her for, because this is one of those few times that I'll put money on an artist breaking out within the next 3 years. She will get a deal, have a song placed, or be an opening act for a major artist, or even maybe a hit song for herself, but I guarantee it will happen in the next three years. As long as she's likable, works hard, has a good team, etc. Great job Katie, keep it up!  #askadam #justaskadam

This is a wake-up call to everyone that is a musician... If you are not spending the time to learn and execute strong business practices in your career, thinking that you don't need to know the music business or some manager will do it for you, or that your music and your good looks will get you by. I'm here to tell you, WAKE UP. 
Understand I have absolutely zero emotional connection to this topic because I'm not basing this on what I feel, I'm just looking at the numbers and doing simple math. Statistics show that between 2016 - 2020 we'll have 3-5 billion new consumers online from Africa, China, India,etc. These new consumers will also be new creators. Anyone can upload a song to Spotify, cd baby, TuneCore, and other digital distribution companies. Anyone can upload a video on instagram singing a song and hashtag the word "musician". The traditional record label will constantly decrease and will probably be non-existent in the next 15 years. So it is IMPERATIVE, that you as an artist start learning the music business as soon as possible. Go to workshops, learn from mentors, study videos online, get together with other musicians and share ideas. #AskAdam #JustAskAdam

Best of the week winner "Bronze Whale", is a production/songwriting duo from Austin Texas.
Bronze Whale is one of most unique production teams that I personally know, every single track that comes out from these guys is in its own lane entirely, yet still being sort of pop. Which is extremely hard to pull off, yet they do it effortlessly. I know without a shadow of a doubt that if these two keep pushing their way through the industry, you'll be seeing their names on huge credits in the upcoming years. I'm rooting for them in every way. #askadam

Follow them - @bronzewhale
Hear the full song on TrapNation -

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