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"I feel like my generation has to realize, we have to embrace that confusion, that uncertainty, not be so hard on ourselves, realizing that it takes all of this to become who you're meant to be later on" - @trevorjackson5

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"There's a difference when you write something and you feel it and it's coming from you. It just sounds really different and I feel like the audience can tell too" - @trevorjackson5

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"Especially in today's society, everybody is trying to be everybody else, and I just feel like individuality is so important. The people that inspire me are people who weren't afraid to do that - Prince, Michael Jackson" - @trevorjackson5

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"I go and make sure that I'm around my peers. It's important to me because I want them to see themselves in me... It's not about someone to be a fan of or someone to love, it's somebody to also see yourself as" - @keke

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"I manage to stay true to myself by loving myself first, which means that I don't put anyone else's opinions of me above my own" - @keke

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"If people are introduced to you first through acting, it can be quite difficult sometimes for them to understand what your identity is... It took me a long time to understand that that was a missing part of why my fans could never really understand my music, or where it's coming from, because they didn't know how to separate me from my characters" - @keke

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"I always want to improve, I always want to keep getting better.... I just want to be a successful pop star" - @kimpetras
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"I came to LA and kind of just did it. I slept on studio couches and ate Little Caesars every day" - @kimpetras
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"[When I was] twelve, thirteeen, something like that, I saw a documentary about @carole_king and got pretty obsessed with the idea of becoming a pop songwriter" - @kimpetras

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"I think right now, I'm trying to bring lightness to the world" - @troyesivan

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"I'm LGBTQ myself and just knowing how that feels and knowing what I wanted to see when I was a kid and knowing what would have helped me... Now I'm just trying to be that for someone else. It's such a fuel to keep me going" - @troyesivan

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"@youtube, for me, was a huge part of everything. I started on there when I was twelve... It just felt so exciting to share from my house in Perth, Australia. Perth is a really isolated city and to be able to communicate with the world felt really good" - @troyesivan

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