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Kate/Mushroom  Airstreaming cartographer living in the UP of Michigan with a husband and a stuffed badger named Makeshift. Quilts. Snailmail. Food. Craft beer.

Tonight's supper included these insanely spicy radishes, as well as collards, kale, basil, and beet greens out of the garden, not to mention our first two zucchinis! I made some spectacular tofu/kimchi/collard/basil yaki-mandu that will definitely become a repeat meal. #nomnomnom #yakimandu

Two things: (1) he's finally home again! and (2) the garlic spears are ready for harvest!!! Possibly one of my favorite foods, elephant garlic scapes (spears) are the most delectable delicacies ever!!! Yummy!!!

I try not to whine about how much he's gone—currently on yet another week+ adventure—but it's hard not to when the vegetable space balls are ready for harvest and I want to eat them with him. Tonight's supper included swisschard, scapes, and basil from our garden, and I missed him then, too. But with so many sad and permanent goodbyes recently, I'm also just grateful that he will in fact be coming home again. Super grateful. #kohlrabi #yoopergarden

Apparently our garden is a pot of gold! Sweet!

Mom and dad dropped down into Northern Michigan to visit us on their way across Canada last week. So glad we were on a reasonably good trajectory for a visit. So happy to see them! So grateful. Hopefully see you on the flip-side for another visit, too.

We finally got around to replacing the original mattress in or rear-bed Airstream and we couldn't be happier. We've been sleeping dreamily on a Tuft & Needle King mattress in the house this past year, so I ordered a Full for the Airstream figuring that I'd have to cut it to shape. Nope, it fits perfectly because it's malleable!!! Best sleep ever! #airstream #tuftandneedle

Another project that got completed this past weekend: Three weeks ago, this area held an enormous brush pile (a year worth of cut trees and limbs); I bought a chipper and we've been chipping away at it since. Now it's all perfectly cleaned up and the Airstream has a new spot. So happy.

It was another incredibly productive and thoroughly enjoyable working weekend. The gardens are in, the brush pile is chipped, the Airstream has a new spot, and we stowed the plow for the summer (after using it to move the zillion wood chips we made this month). I'll be sorry to see him leave again tomorrow as we have lots more projects in the works, but duty calls ...

Garlic Scapes!!! The first garlic scapes of the season. Seeing these at our local farm stand made me happier than is probably appropriate. Also, it means that our own scapes (and spears) are not far behind! Scape eggs are assured for breakfast for weeks to come. Yay!

We did a number of property and garden projects today, but the one we will enjoy the most on these long summer evenings is our new fire pit! Moving the big rocks around was amusing, but they're now in place and put to good use. Cheers!

Asparagus Berm Update (4 weeks): All 27 crowns took to their new home, and there are now up to six shoots emerging from each crown, many reaching 32 inches tall! I'd say that's an enormous success. I continue to fill in the spaces between them and cover the crowns with a few handfuls of soil/sand/compost each week, and they get watered regularly (between insane rainstorms). Yay asparagus!

Super-grateful to this guy for deciding to put in a generator last fall that powers the whole house and barn and Airstream (he's an engineer; overkill is kind of what they do best, and he wanted me to be safe and warm while he's gone so much in the winter). There was an insane rainstorm here yesterday afternoon and we've been off the grid since. I had a crazy workday scheduled at my desk that would have been beyond frustrating without power and Internet, and he made that all possible; plus a hot shower and coffee! I know the power people are working hard on cleaning up the entire Eastern UP, and I'm grateful to them, too. Stay safe guys! #cloverlandelectric

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