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Kate/Mushroom  Airstreaming cartographer living in the UP of Michigan with a husband and a stuffed badger named Makeshift. Quilts. Snailmail. Food. Craft beer.


I created a large quilt for the Yooper Plaid Fest auction coming up next weekend. It's a double-sided quilt studded with little plaid animals and an enormous sigil. We shall see if it ends up in someone else's home or back in our own (we have both taken a significant shining to it). Ha!

Oh, how my engineer-husband laughed at me when I told him I had purchased a $65 electric snow shovel for the back deck (an area of the house that gets constant snowfall—even when it isn't snowing!). And oh, how hard did I laugh when he returned once again from a week of breaking ice in the Great Lakes to remark on its total awesomeness! Winning.

One of my goals for 2018 is to use up all my fabric scraps. Last night I dug out the remains of a print I used to make a baby quilt back in 2013 and managed to harvest five more elephants from it and turn them into drink coasters for that same lovely family. Cheers!

It's been ridiculously cold here in northern Michigan over the past few weeks (–17°!), but this fireplace has been taking good care of me while Shannon's been away. It does occur to me though, given that it's been completed since mid-December, that I've really got to take that quilt down off the wall and send it off to its rightful owner in Maryland. I've got four more quilts on the go right now, and a few other sewing projects. Time to make room to display the next one ...

I finally finished a "Maine Coast" quilt this past weekend that will soon leave our cabin in the woods of northern Michigan and be sent to Maryland to join a lovely family with a gorgeous new son. May you find cuddles and peace and joy in this quilt until you can once again get back to your beloved Maine. Cheers!

My teensy village in Nova Scotia now has a brewery (that I can walk to from my house!!!). They grow their own grain and make beer with it. Between that and the world-class coffee roaster (also walkable), I think we've achieved some level of nirvana. Cheers, neighbours!

It's always hard to leave this guy behind, but I'm Maine and Nova Scotia bound for my fall sojourn. See you in a month or so. I miss you already ...

Oh, my lovelies ... my sprouts of deliciousness ... you've done so well this year and grown so tall ... I am so sorry to leave you for the next month or so, but please keep growing and don't get eaten by deer while I'm gone. I'll be back to harvest you in December or January .........

I started a quilt last month that's made up of 441 little blue and green squares—about 200 of them include a quilted stamp. Baby's parents' names start with A and T, baby is another T, and older sister is an A, so of course the denominations of the stamps are A and T. So many, many little unique stamps. The fabric was pulled from the leftovers of a quilt I made for older sister a few years ago, and once again, the design is inspired by the Maine coastline. Welcome to the world little man, sorry I'm so late with my greetings ...

Tonight at 11:00 I am remembering a dear friend who passed away last month. And appropriately, I've spent the night working on a memorial quilt for him (and for his lovely widow). May those of us who remain enjoy life as enthusiastically as he did, and may we pass on the gifts of kindness and joy to all of those around us. Missing you, Ed. All the elevens, forever.

Dearest baby boy, welcome to the world—it can be a truly glorious and beautiful place. I'm sorry that I'm so far behind in gifting this off to you, but parting with this quilt is especially difficult. Every time I worked on it, and every I see it, I was reminded of your beloved grandfather, who will never get to write you all the letters he would have, covered with stamps from around the world. May those of us who remain behind try to fill the world with a tenth of the love that he managed to. Best wishes little man, and big hugs to your dear, dear family, near and far.

Stacking wood like a boss.

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