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It's crazy to think about a whole year. When you examine each day, each month, it seems like a really long time! When you reflect on exactly where you were exactly one year ago though, like what you were doing, thinking, creating, it just seems to be the blink of an eye! Well, for me anyway!
I'd like to show you lovely souls exactly what I was creating one year ago! The lovely green cap mushroom (a piece I was and am super proud of) was purchased by a fellow artist and some of the totems and shell piece were given homes by @tildy_bear and @brattymonkey. The planchette belongs to the one and only Anna @spiritkittens (hit her up for quality promotion)!
I'm thankful for the lovely souls along the way that have helped make #Mushroom_Maven what it is today! While certain things have changed, like some of my concepts and staging, some things have remained steadfast, and that is my genuine appreciation for each and every one of you, and my desire to bring you the most beautiful amulets created with love and intention. I hope you have a great day, folks! Tomorrow is Friday!
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One of the most beautiful things about life is that all the small things are examples of the bigger picture. For example. Breathing. We take in oxygen, what we need to live, and we exhale carbon dioxide, what isn't needed to live. In fact, if we don't rid ourselves of carbon dioxide, we die.
Our body has the advantage of knowing just what we need to do. When we are born, instincts tell us to breath. What about our emotional and spiritual need to breath? Does that instinct come with us at birth? Have we learned to numb it down to please others? Has our fear of what the masses will think ruined our ability to REALLY breathe?
I think, no matter what, it's important to take in new lessons, new opportunities for freedom and growth, while remembering to exhale the things that are negative, the things that will make our soul die. That is my ethos. That is where I've chosen to firmly stand in 2018. None of us deserves to hold our breath, not for one moment.

I've been asked a few times if I feel my art is 'magical.' I believe that creating something through hardwork, dedication, spirit, tenacity, creativity, talent, something with two hands that takes on a life on of its own, that others connect with, is the closest thing we have on this earth to magic. Creation is magic, pure and simple, whether it's creating a loving home, a child, or art from your two hands, that's magic. Magic is awe. It's that feeling you can't define. It's that unknown thing in the seemingly empty space of our needs and wants. So is my artwork magical!? Fuck yes. My amulets are magical. Just in the same way you are magical too. In everything you do, that isn't based on your instinct to eat, sleep, and expell, magic lies there. The things you do that make you not just a human, but a person, yeah, that's fucking magic.

Thank you for sharing in my magical pieces and my magical journey. I'm honored to be surrounded and inspired by the magic of all of you...
To many more breaths and exhales! ๐Ÿ™Œ

Of all the octopi I've ever made, this one is definitely one of my favorites. It's a funny story. I sculpted her body about 8 months ago, and she just sat in a pile of to-do projects that I rummage through from time to time. As I was rummaging, I pulled her out. I actually thought to myself "This one is pretty ok." ๐Ÿ˜‚ Which in my book, as critical as I am of my art, is as good as it gets! So anyway, I painted her up with the new #citadel paints I was given for my birthday, and voila! She ended up being a favorite! I also love the fresh water pearl too. She's since been claimed by a lovely customer, but I wanted to share! I'd love to hear your story about an 'unlikely gem:' projects you returned to that you loved more than you thought!

Goodnight sweet souls! I'm really going to try to bring a big shop update this Wednesday. I'm talking mushrooms, a whole different style of bat which will be cool, and maybe some other things! In the meantime, if I'm slow to respond to messages, please bear with me, I WILL get back to you, it just might take me a couple hours!
Love you all!
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Happy #mandrakemonday!
Here's a throwback to some of my cutest critters! Want one? Hit me up with a request!
#mandrake #cute #wicca #crueltyfree #crystals #crystaljewely #vegan #wiccan #witches #gems #cite #pagan

I love creating little families, but these will have an extra surprise! I know mushrooms aren't everyones favorite, but I really do love creating them so much, and a few times a year I like to release really special ones.
#mushie #mushroommonday #mushroomsofinstagram #mushroom #crystals #sparkle #twinkle #crystals #amethyst #crystaljewely #crystals #bohemianstyle #wiccan #witches #gypsy #forraging #mushroom_maven #citadel

Some beautiful snow nebula bats have flown into our site, and hopefully your hearts! It's impossible to capture the true glittering beauty of Asteria, Celestia, and Alexa! These creatures are what legends are made of. Payment plans are accepted to easily make your dream amulet your very own.

Little throwback to these shroomies that have all since found homes, but guess what!? Shop update this week will include a bunch of bats and extra special mushrooms!

These pictures on instagram have got you thinking everyone must be an ethereal template of a human being, but it's not true. So not true. If you swipe, you can see me on a normal day stuck in traffic with no filter, a #caffeine bag under my eye, and #headache! Oh yeah! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ. My girl @spiritkittens inspired me to do the #selfroast. She's hilarious!

Hi everyone!
A bit of a cloudy day today in Southern Ontario, Canada, so while I've been working hard on customs and some long overdue mushrooms, I didn't have an opportunity to photograph some of the creations I have ready for the shop! In the meantime, here's a flash back to some lovely turtles I made. I'd like to thank @spencer_smith76 for inspiring me to make loggerheads and being one of my first customers a year and a half ago! Still some of my favorite creations to date. Would you like to see more turtles from me this year?
I love you all, be well.

As an artist, and a person striving for complete spiritual authenticity, I believe in adding my own symbols and meanings into my work, as well as honoring the ones that came before me. As millennials, we are a mish mash of cultures and faiths, forging a new tribe as we go. It's an exciting time to be alive, and to be an artist, with a global influence right at our fingertips!
When I write a bit about my pieces, I use the knowledge I've studied from crystal healers, but when I write about what I feel a certain animal represents, that comes straight from my heart and intuition!
The wolf is a great animal for the millenials. They stay with their pack (appreciating the old ways), but aren't afraid to fend for themselves with the wisdom learned from the pack (forging new ways and beliefs with things learned from the past). Please remember, it's not disrespectful to honor different belief systems into your art. We are millennials. We are at the very tip of time and culture, and things are changing. Our beliefs are becoming more universal. We are accepting that love is love, and maybe down the road that faith is faith. Honor the old by incorporating it into the new and when can have something truly divine!
Thank you for supporting my page and art, and allowing me to share a bit of my soul with the world. I'm always so humbled.
*If you know the source, please tag them, thank you

I just wanted to to say hi & thank you to everyone for helping me kick off 2018 exceptionally well! I'm so happy to see so many new faces, new friends, new customers!
My name is Joy, I'm the sole creator behind @mushroom_maven. I've been sort of an off-beat artist my whole life, and while I was going through a rebellious "I'm not an artist" phase, managed to earn a double major BSc in Criminology & Biomedical Science. The plan was to be a doctor, so I took some time off to get married & have my children, but in the midst of being at home I was called back to art in the funniest of ways! It was Oct 2015, my friend @kittygott suggested we make clay antlers. I hadn't sculpted since grade 9 and I was honestly terrible at it. Our plans fell through, but we both ended up sculpting antlers & exchanging them as holiday gifts, but it was really my love for mushrooms that got me trying my hand seriously. I started with fiber clay & stuck with that for almost a whole year. Not the same as polymer clay at all. When I cracked open my first block of sculpey, I was more confused than ever, but with patience, time, & a bit of contrarian grit, I somehow ended up here a year later!
Last July was my shops 1 year anniversary. There have been bumps in the road. Social media can be REALLY hard, especially when you're new, unapologetic, & want to prove to yourself & others that you can be successful, but in spite of all the whirlwind of being a new shop, you've all helped to make me a successful artist. I am honored to share my journey with you, & take part in yours.
When you buy one of my pieces, I want you to know you're buying a genuine part of me. An imperfect person, who is socially awkward, but tries every day to learn and grow. A person who honors family & won't let anything stand in the way of goals, believes in the power of manifestation, & how truly real it is. When you're buying one of my pieces, you're buying a piece of my tenacious spirit, and I'm recieving a sacred part of your spirit too. A willingness to include me in your unique journey, and that is something I will never take for granted. Thank you so much for joining me. My most sincere appreciation.

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