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by Marielle Manganaan  Muse with me, about words and pretty things. Life / Style / Design Toronto ⟷ Atlanta · Shop @mejuri with me ✨ —

my kind of neutrals ⚪️ happy weekend friends!

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live by the truth that you are more than enough. 〰️

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make peace with everything that’s brought you to where you are 🏴 there’s freedom in acceptance.

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stick to what you love and turn challenges into stepping stones. you already have what it takes, channel all that capacity. ➰ #mondaymotive

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thank you for the sweet taste of summer for a weekend, Atlanta ☀️ happy Sunday & happy #GoT night y’all.

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stay faithful to your passion, trust in God’s timing, & the blessings will overflow ⚪️ so excited to share that this girl will be heading down south to gorgeous #Atlanta to take on my dream role in Product Design 👩🏻‍💻 to be clear - it was a long, hard season of sleepless, tearful nights, application rejections, networking grinds, joining communities, getting mentors and pushing myself to stop doubting my capacity and start believing in it.

let this be a reminder for you to do the same. when it gets tough to carry on, go back to the reason why you started, listen to your supporters, believe in your work, and let your passion be your source of energy. give yourself grace. pray and meditate. trust.

excited for what’s ahead and infinitely thankful for my parents, sisters, partner, friends, mentors and church family for making me who i am. and for all of you for your support from a distance! this one’s for all of you. gonna make you guys proud. ♥️ DMs are always open for us to chat passion/career/life stuff! ✨ i’m here for y’all.

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the sweet rose quartz to remind me that compassion, peace and love starts with me. ✨
#healingstones #mejuri #mejuripartner

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been taking the last few weeks preparing for a new chapter ✨ can’t wait to share it with you all soon! more than anything, i want it to serve as a reminder of the reward of perseverance and passion. for those of you who need to hear it now - keep. going. 〰️

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don’t let your hustle become your burnout 〰️ give yourself grace and patience to yield your honest, best work.

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stop getting caught up in your weaknesses and focus on excelling in your strengths ✨ - one of the key pieces of wisdom from my partner that i’ll carry with me forever. hope it serves as a reminder for some of you too.

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nothing beats the taste of progress and change ☁️ chase your fix for it every day. #mondaymotivation

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sunday tones. 🌿✨

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