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Museum of the Rockies  Bozeman, MT

This little one is keeping his eye on you! You can also see the defined yellow and black stripes of a young American Alligator; those stripes will disappear as they reach adulthood. Thank you to Northwestern Energy for being a CROCS exhibit sponsor! #MORCrocs

76-72 million years ago, parts of the central and western United States were covered by a warm shallow sea called the Western Interior Sea. In Montana, evidence of this seaway is preserved in the Bearpaw Shale (Formation). The fossils that are found in the Bearpaw consists of mostly marine organisms, ammonites, clams, gastropods, bony fish and sharks, and of course marine reptiles. This Fossil Friday Features a gorgeous plesiosaur specimen, MOR 751, Edgarsaurus muddi. Plesiosaurs were long necked, paddled marine reptiles that often get mistaken for dinosaurs, but they are not closely related at all. Large species of plesiosaurs could grow over 40 feet in length and were likely great ambush, fish eating predators. #fossilfriday

Solar Eclipse glasses are now sold out! We hope you enjoy safely viewing the eclipse. Photo by: Rick Fienberg

In the wild, American Alligators like this little one can live up to 50 years. They can also grow as large as 11 feet and weigh nearly 1000 pounds! We'd like to thank First Interstate Bank for being a CROCS exhibit sponsor! #MORCrocs

Fossil Friday time! Here's a skull of Megoreodon grandis (MOR 640), one member of a large group of mammals commonly called oreodonts. Although the oreodonts are extinct, they were a very successful group lasting from about 38 million to 5 million years ago, through most of the Cenozoic. Megoreodon was one of the largest oreodonts and lived about 30 million years ago. MOR has 13 skulls of Megoreodon, including one juvenile, with another one still to be collected. #fossilfriday

We’re starting the count down until the CROCS exhibit leaves. We encourage you to come and see these wonderful creatures before they are gone. One month left! #MORCrocs

The Living History Farm interpreters are making friends with our summer neighbors. This sweet horse would fit right in at the Tinsley House. The Living History Farm is open everyday, until September 10; so please come visit! #MOR

Thank you for an awesome Sweet Pea parade!!!

Happy Fossil Friday everyone! MOR 794 the skull of a beautifully preserved Brachylophosaurus canadensis! This duckbill dinosaur was collected from the Late Cretaceous (74 million year old) Judith River Formation near Rudyard, MT. While the skull is exhibited at MOR, the skeleton can be seen at the Phillips County Museum in Malta, MT. #fossilfriday #morpaleo

If you’re interested in continuing education and would like to give tours to groups of all ages in the Museum, then being a docent may be for you. An exciting 12-week training program begins in early September. Registration takes place July 3 through August 31. Sign up early to get a head start on the reading and pre-training assignments. For more information, call 406.994.6611 or email

The Taylor Planetarium is getting excited about the upcoming solar eclipse! On August 21 there will be a total eclipse visible across the United States. If you are interested in learning more our planetarium show “Beyond the Stars” will discuss the eclipse and some of the best places to view it from. Photo Credit: Rick Fienberg You can watch the eclipse online at

August is Family Fun Month and at the Living History Farm we’ve pulled out all the old timey stops! Our interpreters can tie you to the past by playing A Game of Graces, learning how to cook on a wood burning stove, or watching the blacksmith craft amazing metal pieces. There is something here for every member of the family! The Farm is free to all, all summer long!

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