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Muscle Mom Fitness, LLC  FAMU Alum🐍| Inspiring moms ✨| Postpartum Depression Warrior | 🏋🏾Fitness Instructor |

F*ck A Runner, Be A Boss 🤑 #2kpoolparty

Petty, petty, petty, I've been winnin' steady✨ #Revel

Come workout before the turn up !
Time: 8am
Location: 7212 W Oakland Park Blvd
Required Materials: Mat & water

Drop in today and don't be late ! We are starting exactly at 6:30pm. Only 1 session tonight 6:30pm
7212 W Oakland Park Blvd

Today I found myself in a empty classroom.. All of my senior babies are moving on to bigger and better. I never thought I would be attached to kids that think they're older than me but I am. I'm going to truly miss hearing"Miss Jonessssss" down the hallway and all meaningful discussions we had overtime. I thought teaching seniors would be difficult but they are the ONLY reason I came to work everyday. #MissJonesClass #proudbigsister #Mylittlebabiesthatdontlisten #Theystillthinkimtheirage #theyputsomerespekonmynamethough

DID YOU KNOW? Exercise is a helpful preventative and treatment method for women with mild to moderate PPD. Exercise can elevate mood in pregnant and Postpartum women. It is also the first treatment that doctors recommend to women after pregnancy. Spread the word, be that light! 50 % off all programs for Moms who is or has suffered from a Maternal Mental Illness 👩‍👧👑✨ Visit Us at #Musclemomfitness #fitmom #Mentalhealth #May #fortlauderdaletrainer #summertimefine #postpartumfitness #broward

Be a Lion In A City Full Of Monkeys 🦁👑

Blessed to be a blessing 🙏🏾 Tomorrow we are back at it again, back to back.
-6:30pm -7:30pm
7212 W Oakland Park Blvd

#WCW Michelle "Before joining Muscle Mom Fitness, I always felt that working out and staying fit was just too hard and time consuming especially with children but since then my entire outlook has evolved. At Muscle Mom there's so much love, support, empowerment and knowledge. You can't help but have a more open mind when it comes to fitness and health.
After my pregnancy with the twins, my life became so hectic and would become quite overwhelming at times. I knew that I had to lose those extra pounds and get back to being myself. To add the icing on the cake, I now have a "medical condition", called postpartum umbilical hernia. Joining this program has given me more insight and advice on this condition. With four little children, fitness has definitely played a role in my life and I'm thankful that I've found Muscle Mom Fitness to be apart of ✨💪🏾❤️" For More testimonials please visit

We live tonight at 6:30pm & 8pm. Come join the team & lets work! No EXCUSES, but to do it ! #ICan #IWill #EndOfTheStory
Required Items: Yoga Mat/ Towel, Water, 10 dollar Fee & Positive energy ✨

Have you checked out Have you subscribe to our mailing list to receive monthly promotions and free giveaways ? If not, click the link in my bio and subscribe NOW ! #Fitmom #Musclemom #Weightloss #Weightgain #fortlauderdaletrainer #Thickthighs #Lauderhill #musclemomfitness #Fitchallenge #summertimefine #summer2017

Most people fail, not because their lack of desire, but because of their lack of commitment. We are committed to getting fit and establishing a healthier lifestyle. What are your summer goals 2017? ---------------------------------------------- No 6:30pm session Tonight !
Next Session will be Saturday 8am.
Visit for more details

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