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Kole  I like to lead by example of what not to do. like eating Kimchi before going out in public

Was running around too much at work yesterday to post this but wanted to show the new haircut and beard trim by Jake @variantsalon @salon_aura_dallas The beard is finally starting to get where I want it to be

Max Effort Upper Body: 2 Doubled up red bands for an extra 185lbs of tension for a total of 570lbs at the top. It felt grindey but it went up lol #extremeironpg @extremeironpg

Max Effort Lower Body @extremeironpg 525lb Narrow stance super low box squat. These were followed up by super heavy reverse hypers but those are even more boring to watch than this lol

Hit Max Effort Lower Body today and I think I maxed out the safety squat bar. 725 at the top and it felt like I had another 50-60lbs to really max out. I don't normally like to hawk my wares but if y'all live in the DFW area and want to really destroy your legs @extremeironpg is truly the best place for that. And anyone that knows me will tell you, I only clap when it's good.

Fat Grip Bench Press for 460. Yeah, that's a Squattle shirt on a bench day. I'm a rebel and a maverick like that

#mcm to this handsome man. (For the record I took the pic so is it really a 'repost' 😛) Don't let the disarmingly good Blue Steel fool you. He's a total weirdo and I love it. P.S. I had to promise Ladybug a whole can of Kong Squeezy Bacon Cheese to get her to sit still for the half second to take this pic.

Max effort upper body day today! 475lb for a cambered bar bench. I love this bar because it's not only heavier than a normal bar but it also pivots on you as you press it, making it much harder than a normal bench press. @extremeironpg #extremeironpg

@prestonbrok got this shot of me from last night at the end of our lift. I don't know what that face is for. I was probably just thinking about tacos @extremeironpg

Showing off the fresh new haircut from Jake @variantsalon I've never had a barber shape my beard before and it came out exactly how I wanted. No more Hobo Curls!

Last one rep set for heavy banded box squat. 500lbs bar weight and 217lb of band tension at the top. I'm glad when viewing this at how fast I came up because it def felt slow and grindey as I was doing it lol thank you @jonsill and @fattahjihad for the spots @extremeironpg

Happy Valentines Day to the most considerate thoughtful husband ever. Here he is in his natural habitat, leaving lots of convenient space for me to come to bed. So sweet.

Late night sledding. Improving my lackluster conditioning is my goal for 2017 so that means when the workout ends, the sledding begins

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