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@horacio_cuellar trying to enter chess move to really develop the upper and inner chest.
STRINGER: @thtm_apparel

What is your favorite outdoor activity??

If you don't know, Now you know. @thtm_apparel #trainharderthanme

Not sold in stores.

Are you rowing or not? Let's goo! It's time to grow. Crush your Monday! @horacio_cuellar

One of the best chest exercises you can do to create separation in your chest.

Performed by @mike_crowson.

Did you see the latest?
Muscle Motives is working closely with @trainharderthanme_apparel to bring you shirts that can finally handle the PUMP!
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Trying to build a stronger back ladies? Tired of that bra bulge peaking through shirts and dresses?

Try this exercise demonstrated by @lexdaresyou. Master Trainer on Lex has been working relentlessly building upper body strength. She went from doing 0 pull ups to now being able to do 8.

How did she do it? Stay tuned for her ebook, titled push to pull. A workout program specifically designed for building upper body strength.

#morningmotivation for all of you contemplating going to the gym today.
Do it right now. Feel the endorphins rush through your body and the blood pump through your veins.
You will NEVER regret a workout but you will regret missing some.
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Who is getting it done today?

Want to reach your goals? Prepare to reach them.

It IS that simple.

What are you all cookin today?

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