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Murphy & Riley  🐶Murphy 🎂12/17/05 🐶Riley 🎂5/1/17 & 👩🏻Michelle woofpackbros, thetzucrew, UPG, furrybabyloveclub, crazycrewzclubz 💗Use code Murphy15 at @glampupsapparel

Update on Jackie @rambotherambunctiouspup ❤️🐶Her family is trying to raise money for cancer treatment. Please share. ❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶
Repost from @rambotherambunctiouspup on Instagram: @RepostRegramApp - Yesterday wasn't the best day for my family. But today is a new day and we are trying our best to stay positive. Jackie's results came back, she has an aggressive form of cancer in her mammary glands, they also found a mass growing in her abdomen. We are hoping that the new mass isn't cancerous, if it's not we can continue with surgery to have the glands removed. If it is the vet says she will probably have months to live. Our hearts are breaking for our sweet girl 🐾💔❤️ Mom has set up a PayPal link if anyone would like to donate to help mom out with the costs. Another biopsy and ultra sound are required to find out about the new mass. She had figured out how to pay for the surgery but now with the new costs she's very worried how to make it all happen. Any help is appreciated, especially in the form of positive vibes! We want the best for our Jackie ❤️❤️❤️ https://www.paypal.me/rambojackiesasha #seniordog #cancersucks #praying #pleasebeokay #idontwanttoloseyou #mydogsaremyfamily #protectingmom #dogsofthebayarea #bayareapups #paypal #dogsinspiremore #cuddlebugs #bechonfrise #terriermix #stayingpositive #dogs

🐾Happy Tuesday everypawdy! ❤️We are reading our beautiful cards from our wonderful furiends @babychai2010 They came all the way from Malaysia! ✈️We hope you all are having a great day! #loveyouall #kindnessmatters #lovetrumpshate #unitedpawsgroup #furrybabyloveclub #thetzucrew #crazycrewzclubz #woofpackbros #rileywarrior #endcaninecancer

Furiends, more prayers are needed. Please see below #kindnessmatters #loveyouall Repost from @rambotherambunctiouspup on Instagram: @RepostRegramApp - Furiends I have sad news to share. My mommy, Jackie, has a mammary gland tumor. It's pretty big about the size of a kids fist. We aren't sure if it's cancerous. Mom is trying to decide if she will have a surgery to remove it. Jackie is 13 and very healthy but the idea of her having surgery scares mom. Has anyone dealt with this before? Any advice, well wishes are welcome ♥️ #seniordogs #dogsarefamily #mylove #cuddlebug #bechonfrise #terriermix #sickbaby #somuchlove #adoptdontshop #dogslife #scruffypup #dogsofcampbell #bayareapups

Thanks for praying for Elmo ❤️😊@elmotheshihtzu ! Update below. ❤️
Repost from @elmotheshihtzu using @RepostRegramApp - Elmo. UPDATE!!! Hi my wonderful IG friends. So i am home after spending the day at the vet having lots of tests done. So from what they can tell i have kidney disease and a cyst near my bladder. they took blood, did X-rays for my heart and an ultrasound. My heart is good for a guy my age and my overall bloods were also good for my age. The Dr. was pleasantly surprised. He gave me meds, and told mommy to just keep feeding me and keeping me happy and comfortable. i have to go back in 4 weeks to check my kidneys . He just doesn’t want me losing any more weight as i lost a pound and im not very big to start! So mommy is just thankful she still has me around, i think i had her pretty worried. She had a lot of tears this morning! On a funny note, the vet has a pigeon that lives there and flies around, and of course where does Donavon land, right on mommy’s head! That was pretty funny! Have a great night everyone! We love you and thank you so much for all your prayers and love. We really felt it! #seniordog
#woofpackbros #wagaware #unitedpawsgroup #weareunitedpaws #furrybabyloveclub #grandpetpack #cuteandfurryclub #darlingpetunias #dogsofinstagram #shihtzusofinstagram #shihtzu #mtldogs #upgfamily

Hi furiends! Could you please say some prayers for our wonderful furiend Elmo ❤️🙏🏼🐶@elmotheshihtzu
Thanks so much!
Repost from @elmotheshihtzu using @RepostRegramApp - Elmo. Hi everyone. It's been a while. I was wondering if you could say a prayer for me. I am at the vet having some tests. Last week I had blood in my pee. I am much better now from that but mommy has been very worried about me. Hopefully it's just normal old age! We will keep you posted. Everyone who is having a holiday enjoy it. Montreal isn't lucky , we have a normal day here. Love you all. ❤️ #seniordog #woofpackbros #wagaware #unitedpawsgroup #weareunitedpaws #furrybabyloveclub #grandpetpack #cuteandfurryclub #darlingpetunias #dogsofinstagram #shihtzusofinstagram #shihtzu #mtldogs #upgfamily

❤️❤️❤️Update on Molly @keylea09 She is home and recuperating! 😊❤️Thanks for all the prayers! 🙏🏼
Repost from @keylea09 using @RepostRegramApp - Hi everyone I'm laying low and home from hospital. Thank you for all your prayers for our family . If you are seeing this for the first time . On Saturday morning I went for a walk , I was sniff the grass look for a spot instead I found marijuana in the grass and I ate it and be came unable to function with 15 min of ingestion of it we all jump in car and was check out then transfer to Ash emergency hospital . For fluids to flush out of my system. Monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure. Thank you so much to Ash Hospital ,our best friends baby Harlow 6 , Maggie Mae and there beautiful mom for ask for prayers for our baby girl . I love you all that reach out you are great friends @eastcoastshihtzu coast #thetzucrew the crazycrewzclubz @this.is.charlie @coopercalayan

Look who’s visiting! Cousin Cody! ❤️🐶We are having a great time! 😊 Happy Sunday everypawdy! #postyourpet #kindnessmatters #lovetrumpshate #thetzucrew #crazycrewzclubz #furrybabyloveclub #woofpackbros #unitedpawsgroup #rileywarrior #endcaninecancer

Furiends! Please pray! See below! 🙏🏼❤️
Repost from @babyharlow6 using @RepostRegramApp - Please friends say prayers for Molly @keylea09. Molly is in intensive care right now. She is so young and needs everyone to 🙏🏻. We are with you sweet Molly! We love you and your mom and sweet Key! #prayersformolly

Hi furiends! Winnie’s foster sister needs a furever home. She is in the Gainesville, Florida area. Please share. ❤️🐶
Repost from @winniesbigworld using @RepostRegramApp - The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.⠀
- Hubert H. Humphrey⠀
Foster sister, Perry, is completely physically healed and is a new girl emotionally and socially. To say she's become my buddy is an understatement. 💕 We're like true sisters who bug each other one minute but love on each other the next. ⠀
The confidence and social butterfly tendencies I've developed over the past year have been passed on to Perry. 🌺 I've loved fostering Perry because she watches what I do and then does the exact same. She's like a mini me but older! 🐶🐶⠀
It's time for Perry to find her forever home. 🏡 I already have three sisters who let me take center stage. Perry tries to steal the spotlight. She's cool but I want all the attention please and thank you! If you're in Gainesville or nearby and looking for your very own Winnie please send me a message. xoxo 💋
🙏🏼 Please share and tag your friends. The more we can spread the word about me, Perry, other puppy mill survivors, fostering, and adopting rescue pups the more lives we can save. Please help me share my story far and wide! 💜 I'm ready to make my dent in the universe! 🌠⠀
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Thanks so much Belle, Diego, and Gizmo 🐶❤️@triomixbdg ! We love our toys. Mommy is so excited because I hardly ever play! 🤣😂
#postyourpet #lovetrumpshate #kindnessmatters #rileywarrior #endcaninecancer #crazycrewzclubz #thetzucrew #furrybabyloveclub #unitedpawsgroup #woofpackbros

Hi furiends! Look at this pawesome gift I got from my sweetie pie Belle @triomixbdg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️We hope you are having a wonderful day! 😘😘😘😘😘
#postyourpet #kindnessmatters #endcaninecancer #rileywarrior #lovetrumpshate #thetzucrew #crazycrewzclubz #furrybabyloveclub #unitedpawsgroup #woofpackbros

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