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Bryan 🐲  "I Aim to Misbehave" 1️⃣Lord of Winterfell🛡 2️⃣Comedic Opportunist🃏 3️⃣Geek Connoisseur 👾 4️⃣Horror Enthusiast 🐙 5️⃣Cosmic Psychonaut 🌌

"And I give it all away //
Just to have somewhere to go to //
Give it all away //
To have someone to come home to //
This is my December //
These are my snow covered dreams //
This is me pretending //
This is all I need"

You fought well, I hope you found the peace you couldn't find here on earth. #RIPChesterBennington #LinkinPark

I got a bunch of #shooters on my team, ready to send niggas to the #ShadowRealm. #Yugioh #MagicTheGathering

That sounds like a personal problem. #FOH

It may sound negative at first, but there's nothing like taking a step back to see the bigger picture. #ExperienceTranquility

Get you one that's loyal and nasty 😎

Wise words from the great one. #Gandhi

Mam/Sir, I will verbally kick your kids ass.

It's all well and good, until you realize how big the void is in your heart.

Wtf man (Screaming at my cat) #ShutThatShit

Be someone you can look back proudly on. #MorningVibes

When she looking real nice in that sundress 😈 #SmackDat💥 #CulinClapper👏🏽 #MyHeroAcademia

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