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Mural Kit  Upload a photo or choose from original designs to make large wall murals using Post-it® Notes!

Setting the scene with @muralkit ❤️❤️❤️

Spotted in @buzzfeed NYC HQ. 👀
Made with @postit Notes @muralkit is taking decor to the next level!

Co-workers building some Mural Kits to spruce up their office!
🚨ALL KITS 15% OFF; checkout code POSSIBILITIES🚨
Step up your decor game this year!🤓
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(Kits are color by numbers format with @postit Notes.)

Ready to surprise a loved one AND give them a big laugh on their next birthday?!
Set the scene for a special day or just because with #Muralkit (made with @postit Notes).
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What party prep looks like with a @muralkit 👀🦄✨
Mural Kits are easy and fun "paint by numbers" style wall murals made with @postit Notes! Choose from our designs or upload a photo to create your own.
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A New Year brings New Possibilities and New Deals:
15% Off sitewide through January!
Use checkout code: POSSIBILITIES
Step your decor game up this year with @muralkit.
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Happy National Bird Day! 🕊
Swipe 👉 for a more detailed view of our eagle mural kit! 🤓

Unicorn Party! ✨🦄 🎉
Let @muralkit set the scene of your next party.
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Throwing a party or event soon?
Make it stand out with Mural Kit!
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What laughing your way through the week looks like. 😜🤓😂
Add some pep to ANY room with your own Mural Kit. ✨
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Create a custom #muralkit for ANY occasion! Take Spencer here for example. Dogs weren't allowed in the office but we brought him anyways! 😉🤓🐶❤️

Happy Humbug Day! 🤣
Use code HUMBUG during checkout for 15% off custom kits or our 💩 kit! 👉 Link in bio.

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