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Muppie Lounge  When a SAHM and blogger @momjustsaying decides to live a little and becomes a #mompreneur and creates the #muppiemummie and cute #onlinestore

More of what’s coming, I’m getting super excited!

Make sure to pop in and say hi at #aardklop2018 and fall in love with the #muppiestyle and become part of the #muppiefamily

What in the world could this be?
Well, it’s nothing yet but #watchthisspace as we are busy creating amazing things!

Day 7 of the #intentionallivingchallenge by @momoftwolittlegirls #travel
One thing I love about my brand is the fact that it’s doing something I love! It’s traveling! It’s been to so many countries and continents and I love that everyone is sharing their #muppieadventures with us. If you take a picture anywhere in the world with a #muppielounge tee, please tag us with the #muppieloungetravels hashtag and even better use the adventure hashtag as well. We love to know where you are and what you are up to.
Don’t wait until you retire to do the things you want to do, or see the places you want to see. You live once, make time for travel and adventure. Life’s too short to sit in one place. The world is a beautiful place.

Day 6 of the #intentionallivingchallenge by @momoftwolittlegirls #family
I married an entrepreneur which means he’s a bit of a workaholic. This is part of the reason why I’m so big on #familytime and #familyadventures
Every moment we get together as a family is treasured and precious. In a way he’s a lot like me when it comes to being creative and when we woke this morning we decided to take on a family challenge for the day. He got to teach the boys how to drill and cut wood, I got to play with paint and colors and the girls both had their own little things they added. Family time is so important, no matter how hard we work, we need to teach our kids it’s just as important to play. We built a huge table for their playroom where they can now sit and play LEGO. #familygoals

Day 5 of #intentionallivingchallenge by @momoftwolittlegirls #inspiration
Working in any creative industry needs inspiration, daily inspiration. I find my inspiration in things I enjoy, places I love and people I adore. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Day 4 of the #intentionallivingchallenge by @momoftwolittlegirls #motivation .
Work hard in silence, let success make the noise. .
Inspire yourself by working hard.
Be an inspiration by working hard.
Find inspiration by following people who work hard.
Hard work pays, never stop trying.

Day 3 of the #intentionallivingchallenge by @momoftwolittlegirls #selflove
This shirt from our second range, the #intentionalrange #paceoflife represents how we choose to live life. I believe the best start to this journey is the way you love yourself. If you love and respect yourself enough, you will never want to run next to anyone else and compare yourself. Find your own pace and rhythm, love yourself enough to be uniquely you and don’t fall into the trap of being second best to yourself.

Day 2 of #intentionallivingchallenge by @momoftwolittlegirls #healthandwellness
As a #muppiemummie I was inspired by the brave woman @blessedbarrenness @onemessymama and @tonic_and_tiaras who decided to take health matters into their own hands. As moms we have to reach a point of no more and then take control. They started the #fatmomsrun ( fabulous and tired) challenge and are really doing well. My personal journey in 2018 has also been about fitness, health and wellness. I went on a 8 week detox in January and never felt better, then decided to climb #kilimanjaro in September. I’ve also entered the @muddyprincess_sa in November. With this mouth full I’d like to say that it’s only right to bring out a small #fitnessrange with our new range coming soon. So ladies watch this space and get inspired by moms who take control of their health and wellness.

Day 1 of #intentionallivingchallenge by @momoftwolittlegirls
To be kind is how we act regardless of what our day has been like. It’s how we act behind closed doors where no one can see us. It’s how you choose to treat others regardless of your bank balance or professional status. Kindness is something money can’t buy, it comes from deep inside.

Who’s up for an awesome #instramchallenge by @momoftwolittlegirls
I love this as #intentionalliving was the second range. Perfect opportunity to reflect on what was before what’s coming in our #thirdrange

Day 7 of #7daysofig
If you can picture yourself doing it, don’t give up!
Dream bigger than the ordinary, higher than expectations, wider than limits and further than any destination.
Everything starts with a dream and then that first step.
Thank you @jeannette_wentzel for this wonderful challenge #funwashad

Day 6 of #7daysofig #popofcolor I just love all the colors and textures in fabrics and possibilities in different textures and styles. I am so happy life isn’t just white and black.

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