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m u π π @🌟🔹  👀 🌎 Oπ N0V 19 😋🌯🍗F00d!€🍗🌯😋 🚗🚘🏎️©a®$💕 Mu$!© L0v€®🎧🎵🎶💕 😘💕π!8 l¥f, π!8 ®¥d€$💕💕

Sometimes it's better 2 be alone, so that nobody can "HURT" u.

❤️❤️lov urself❤️❤️

"Ae dil❤️ hai mushkil😧"

People👩 will change but memories will not

I think it's tym to say RIP☮️ "indian law" for encouraging those men(who assaults, abuses nd rapes women) without punishing👊 them lyk anything.
Nd now even a 6 months old lill baby👧 has sacrificed her lyf due to such act done by a men.
They should be hanged publicly with cruel torture, again no one should try to dare to touch women in such a way.

Chit chatting Late ni8😍 with @insta.pa1 @sandeepvinny_msd
Nd posing for self potraits🤳

Peace☮️ of mind comes wen we stop xpecting nd start "accepting"

@📌chennai🚂😍#expedition#✌️fun🤘#xploring lyf🛣️👣#learnt alot✈️#food🍝🍗🌯#
#lots of memories🖼️🤳#

#MUSIC🎼# has power to change ambience.

U fix me wen im broken
U gave me strength wen im weak
U assure me im not alone
Thank u sooo much papa
For making me smile
For reminding me im not alone.
Lov u papa😍😍😍😍

Dear muzic thank you Soo much
For being there wen nobody else....

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