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These cold miso-sesame noodles are as refreshing as they are comforting. Top with mushrooms, nori, pork floss, sambal, and an egg for that extra oomph. Recipe in bio. (📷: @fsadeghin) #eatmunchies

Not all chicken salads are created equal. This one from @made_nice is made with juicy roasted chicken, pickled ramps, asparagus, peas, and arugula pesto.👌 #eatmunchies

Check out our Instagram Story to see how this challah French toast ice cream sandwich was made, and then recreate it this weekend (if you dare...) #eatmunchies

Considered using a “feeling knotty” pun for this pic but I have too much respect for this pretzel. I just wanted you to know that it crossed my mind. (📷: @fsadeghin) #eatmunchies

Watch the season premiere of #ITSSUPPERTIME with @mattymatheson for FREE🍴Link in bio. #eatmunchies

The ‘I didn’t need teeth anyway’ burrito. (📷: r/gifs, u/albo_underhill, Reddit) #eatmunchies

@angiekmar’s bone marrow and bourbon creme brûlée from last night’s #ediblebenefit (which raised over $1 million for edible education in NYC public schools!). DESSERT GAME 💯. (📷: Sylvain Gaboury/Patrick McMullan) #eatmunchies

Chilean razor clams & sea urchin. LIKE A WORK OF ART. (📷: @evansungnyc) #eatmunchies

Next level bagel sitch. (📷: @davidwma) #eatmunchies

Don’t let a flash flood warning stop you from gettin your affogato on. (📷: @triplapanna) #eatmunchies

Happy Weed Week, friends. #eatmunchies

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