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N.Aliaa.Z  Believe YOU can, you're half way there. Keep going, Be patient!

When you are GOOD and RIGHT no one remembers BUT when you are WRONG and BAD no one forgets... facts of life. #sadtruth

🖤, I'm not going to stop being a #lofattah fan. Im supporting BOTH also known as kedua-dua!

I don't just listen to your words, I listen to your use of words, your tone, your body movements, your eyes, your subtle facial expression, your post events postings, I interpret your silences... I can sometimes hear things that you don't say in words and that's just good or bad... it's bad because I can see the crying for help in your eyes while you smile & or good with your projected happiness in your behaviors... #icareaboutbothofyou #doayangbaikbaik 🌸

This week is a start of your jet setting adventure with the beginning of @forbes in Manila. As an Aquarius woman too, I am sure you're overly prepared and rehearsing in front of your trusted mirror 100x 😅No luck necessary, you got this... 💪🏽 public speaking 101, keep on talking when you're stumbling 😆 breathe in and out... and have loads of fun ❤️ @neelofa... and as always, I believe in you! #livelifetothefullest #doayangbaikbaik #lofattah

Say Cheeseee... 📸 and Live for the moments you can't put your words into.. 🌸 @abushaefhamza @neelofa @schaalyahya @eleena.sui #doayangbaikbaik

Always be humble and always try to learn something new... ❤️ never be boastful, always be humble... expand your VOCAB to more word than 1.. 😅

Full of love, laugh, opportunities and away from antagonists❤️ Isn't books nowadays comes in series (Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, Steve Jobs biopic to name a few) with the same protagonists... so leave a bookmark... it's getting very interesting 😅 #youknowwhatimean #doayangbaikbaik #againstallodds #lofattah

Filling in a form for @unitednations youth program is easy but to be accepted as the selected few is hard. The essays, the questions and the research that had to be done to be selected are just half the battle for this program... Trust me, my friend had to go through a lot to be accepted to this short unforgettable program last year! Oooh, only 400 get accepted 🙋🏻
Learn as much, live the life and have fun @neelofa.. ❤️ I know NYC is waiting for you 😆, aka me 🤗 and can we meet? ok 🏃🏽‍♀️bye .

Preach! 💅🏽#thegoodquote

🌹Only people who know YOU, will get YOU. Keep the community #lofattah strong and clean!

Always see the good in people and think before reacting. I don't have to remind anyone to look into the mirror and see what similarities we have from 'others' before passing a judgement, if we are the same as them? Then change.. because you're nothing better than them. Rise above it all, you're better than this! ❤️ .
Words hurt but you know what hurt the most? Your actions will be painted to ALL of our community... the community we love and cherish... #lofattah 🙏🏽 think before tarnishing the image! We have silent readers and followers that just want good people and vibes, stop ✋ what you're doing and ignore what you hate. Just love what you love and amplify goodness ❤️ #doayangbaikbaik #againstallodds

Stop and breathe before doing anything that will tarnish not on your reputation but the whole community... Rise above it all! 🌹

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