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Munah Bagharib  I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Actor, Host, Wizard.

That'll do, Figo. ❤️ We'll miss you terribly. Rest now #oldlady.

Omg Siti K is mad brilliant! This is a given, I know, but it's amazing how she blows you away every single time you watch her. I cannot! 😍 Caught How Did The Cat Get So Fat? last night. So imaginative and important. There's 1 more show tomorrow at 3pm. You MUST catch it if you get a chance to! #mydurian #esplanade #sp

Photo by Crispian Chan (@crispiphotos), courtesy of Esplanade.

Throwback to the DK Musical at the Esplanade and me laughing too hard about God knows what la! 😁 And now, I'm super excited to go back, this time to catch this beautifully amazing, crazy-talented, triple threat, Siti K. (@siti__k) in "How Did The Cat Get So Fat?". 🐱 Swipe over to see the poster! This is the third time this piece will be shown, only now, it's gonna be performed with puppetry, controlled and voiced by Siti!

This piece is commisioned and produced by Esplanade (@esplanadesingapore) for its developmental theatre series The Studios. Head to for all the deets! #mydurian #esplanade #sp

Mood: Next level pampered, with a shade of @Sephorasg's #SephorasgLipStories for every surprise. Definitely one of my top weekends of 2018 so far! 😁 Spectacular experiences and delightful company, I couldn't ask for a better escape. 😘🎈 #SephoraPoutParty

For those of you asking, the shades I wore were 💋,
Party: 22, A Little Magic (Matte)
Yacht: 25, First Class (Matte)
Island: 36, Spring Break (Cream)
Dinner: 9, Labyrinth City (Matte) + 42, No Cell Service (Metallic)

Biggest shoutout to the #SephoraSG team, @divison_events and these folks who made it happen,
Hotel Sponsor: @grandhyattsing
Apparel Sponsor:  @topshop_sg
Yacht Sponsor: @one15marinaclub
Jewelry Sponsor: @TheOfficialPandora

Video by @shaunybravo, @mrhellofai #chickies

Attempt #2 at being all Moana-I've-been-staring-at-the-edge-of-the-water-esque. 🌊 Hurrah, no splinters! Heh. #maldives

Moments later, that ice cream was melting all over my hand. Then dripping here and there, then it was everywhere and falling off. Ugh, why do bad things happen to good people! #maldives

Highlight of my trip! I didn't go for any dives this time so I didn't think I was gonna get to see any sharks. Until one afternoon, we were swimming and saw a long grey creature swim swiftly past and was like GASP WAS THAT A BABY SHARK?! I THINK IT WAS. OMG THEY COME HERE TO FEED! WE NEED TO FIND MORE!

So that night, we went to the dock and waited. There were loads of fishies there, surely the baby sharks will come to feed. This one in the video was the first baby shark to appear (sorry for my over excitement. lol). Then there were 2, 3, 4 and plenty more! I was squealing in excitement for the most part but then after I calmed myself down (cos the sharks probably got annoyed by the noise. they can hear over 200 meters after all), I just sat there and watched them. So beautiful, so quick, so intelligent.

Sharks are crucial in keeping the balance of our marine ecosystem. It's really sad that they are being killed for their fins for shark fin soup, something that isn't important for human survival or health. Some even get killed by having just their fins cut off, then have their carcasses thrown back into the ocean. The increasing slaughter means many shark species are nearly extinct! Almost 100 million sharks are killed each year. 😞

We can start small to help and it's as simple as being educated on the importance of sharks and what's happening to them. Hopefully then, you can inspire others to jump on board to understand and do their part too.

Another way is to dive with sharks. Heehee! This will first of all, help increase ecotourism and thus fund efforts to save and protect them. But of course, make sure you look into this carefully and choose countries that are really taking the time to protect their sharks and other animals. For example, Palau, which was the first place in the world to create a shark sanctuary. 🦈 [CNTD BELOW]

Sun soaked 🌞 #maldives

Dinner under the trees 🌴 #maldives

Was tryna be all Moana-I've-been-staring-at-the-edge-of-the-water-esque, then I got a splinter on my finger. #itsstillthere #maldives

Are there more stars in the universe than grains of sand on Earth? 🌌 #whowillwin #universeorearth #maldives

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