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The Winaka Diaries  Journey of life - a mini diary for the countless blessing


Are the therapist you can drink with.

Say no more
I'm in LOVE

Happy Chinese New Year!

Cheers to the new year and a another chance for us to get it right!

The Winaka

Not bad for a newbie er?

Counting years of friendship
More than a decade, and we sure changed a lot!

Me - chubbier
Them - prettier

When you are far from home and u miss ur baby.... Motherhood is weird.
In most of the time, all you wish is a good night sleep and a real 'me' time - alone.

But when you have it, all you do is scrolling your baby's pics and videos in the gallery.


Happy New Year 2019!

More and more blessing to come in the future!


Lil J vs mommy .
. *Yesterday* -
Upon arriving mall
Lil J : straight to trampolin park, purchased unlimited time tickets and jump the sweat out
Mom : strolling for 15 minutes and decided to save money with no shopping day - joined Daddy and Big C for a sip of hot chocolate.
Ehem.. plus banana muffin and almond croissant .
After movie time
Lil J : it's a unlimited tickets - let's max it out - another trampolin jump till it closed.
Mom : This time healthier (or not?) - just a sip...or maybe 2.. or 3...😅 ... of latte a bite of fish n chip? Maybe?

Arriving home
Lil J : Turn on nintendo for body combat game - 2 hours of it until yelled to sleep
Mom : Lazy play with Baby J .
. *Today*

Lil J : woke up at 5 a.m - burn herself on her attempt cooking her own breakfast and wake the whole house up
Mom : snuggle back to bed (well... every mom need a good rest)

8 a.m
Lil J : off cycling around the house
Mom : still on bed

9 a.m
Lil J : dragging mom out - off to the swimming pool
Mom : sleepy face - hot sweet tea to save the day and chicken quesadilla followed with misop ayam (blame them - they serve good food in the club house's cafe)

Arriving home
Lil J : passed out on the floor
Mom : "Ok, where's the TV remote? Let's watch Bird Box on Netflix" - (while chewing christmas cookies.) See?
Motherhood is difficult
That's how we gain our weight 😐😐😐 .. #TheWinakaDiaries

Daddy's love "Dads love their children differently with moms" - A gentleman told me this before.

I think, I nearly understood his point now...
But I don't know how to express it now...still figuring the right words without having it misintepreted.
Let's keep it for my master toast session, shall we @ruddys122 ?
These pictures - just a little gratitude to Mr. Winaka. No caption needed, is it?


Poor Baby J is having fever for few days..
It feels so good seeing ur smile again, Baby... #TheWinakaDiaries

Reaching home

Lil J : "I'm going to write a journal for tomorrow agenda"
Pass out while doing it

Different kid, different style


Reaching home

Big C "Yeahhh... home sweet home..."
Translation "Yeahhhh... gaming time"


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