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Tori | Benny | Growing Groms  2 Aquarian soulmates with 2 little mermaids ✨ Sunny Coast 🌊

So stoked! We pick our man up from the airport tonight after a 17 day stint ❤️❤️ not the longest but felt like it 💔 #fifodad #fifowife #fifolife #mumofgirls #mumlife #aussiemum #youngmum #sunshinecoast #surfergirl #grommie #groms #bodypositive #empower #postpartumbody #stretchmarks #loveyourself

We said goodbye to our man again yesterday, back to work he goes 😭 I’m trying to keep us all busy so the days and weeks go faster! O keeps saying “Daddy’s gone, just mummy now” and how “Daddys up in there” (she points to the sky, indicating an airplane) Gosh it breaks my heart, being such a close family, this is proving the hardest thing we’ve ever done. And by close I mean Ben and I have never been apart like this. Ever...since we met. We lived together almost instantly, and then travelled in a little van down the south coast of Aus ✌🏼Gosh I love this man and all he’s doing for us ❤️🌼 p.s I told O she can have a horse when we get into our house.. and she remembered.. every time someone mentions a house she starts making horse noises and says “mummy + daddy get me that” 😂😂😂

Little girl you are so loved by us all 🌼 your cousins can’t wait to meet you! 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️How awesome is it when your little sister is pregnant, I’m more excited than I was for myself 😂😜😍😂🌈 @shanayafaithful #proudaunty #17weekspregnant #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnantbelly #babybump #sunshinecoast #beachbaby #surfergirl #maternity #dueinjune #firsttimemum #mumofgirls #candidchilhood #childhood #childhoodunplugged #family #aussiemum

Goodbye 2018 👋 Thanks for the roller coaster of a time, you sure have strengthened us 💪🏼 Hello 2019 ✌🏼 This is our year 🏡👧🏼👩🏼🌈☀️🌊🏄‍♀️🏄🏻‍♂️🐶 @bennyrobins

She thinks she can swim... well she thinks she can pretty much do everything her sister does...👯‍♀️ and that includes giving each other texta tattoos on their faces, as per photos 😂 Mind you, for a 1.5 year old she can hold her breath + float pretty well! We have the best swim school! @ginasbluewaterbabies

So the girls are already sharing clothes..🤷🏼‍♀️ when I found out I was pregnant with another little mermaid I had visions of them sharing rooms and clothes and having each others back 🤛🏼 It’s already started 👯‍♀️ I feel like they’re going to catchup to each other and be like twins..or double trouble 😂 I get that at least once a day when I go out and about.. 😂 until they look a bit closer and go “oh no I can see the difference now” 😂 I secretly love it... twins run in my family and I always thought I would carry it on 😂 I can already vision my 15 + 16 year olds laying in their bedroom having a gossip (i feel like they’re going to be sharers?) my sister and I shared and we’re 3 years part. 😘✌🏼#14monthsapart #sisters #siblings #aussiemum #mumofgirls #motherhood #mumlife #childhood #childhoodmemories #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #crochet

I was driving to swimming lessons just then and O says out of the blue “Daddy home” and I told her how much Daddy loves her and he’s working hard to buy us a forever home so we can have chickens and horses and art rooms and vegetable gardens, and she says again “I want daddy home” and I tell her for what seems like the millionth time that daddy will be home cuddling us in bed tomorrow night ❤️ It makes me wonder if a “home” is really worth all of this, the separation and how Daddy spends more time at work then he does with his babes. It makes me wonder if we should just quit everything and become nomads on the road, it makes me wonder what is so significant and important about buying a home that leaves you in debt and stuck working for 30 years. I’m in 2 minds. I told Benny this and the old wise owl comes back with “the hardest part to a simple life is taking the first step”... that’s all he said... and it’s playing on my mind 🌙☀️ flashback to our first mermaids first birthday opening gifts at sunset by the sea 🌊

I took the girls out to wear them out so I could have a relaxing afternoon while they slept... instead I’ve worn myself out... and the kids are still going... this usually happens to me. Why don’t my kids sleep anymore 😂🙄 #14monthsapart

Impatiently waiting for Daddy to get home this week 🌼👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Remembering when O was growing inside of me and sucking the life out of me. Oh how I honestly thought I would never get through Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I really thought it would never end. I lost 10 kgs during my first pregnancy.. I was so sick I went from 67 to 57 kgs in the first trimester. I should of just lived at the hospital. My darling daughter, you still take all my energy to this day, my restless Gemini, you and your sister are the greatest gift this world could give ✨ #hyperemesisgravidarum

Cleansing our energy with the salty sea because we’re missing our man with all of our heart 💔 btw, our go-to accessory atm is headbands... without it O walks around with her fringe over her eyes. I don’t even know how she sees through her hair 😂 but I’m constantly telling her to wipe her hair out of her eyes and being told by everyone to cut her a front fringe. 🙄 nooooooope not happening.