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Tonight's sky need no filter!

When your awesome neighbour is a lifetime member of the Brisbane Broncos and he gives each of the kids a hat!!! @brisbanebroncos

Sometines a day at home off school is just what is needed!

These numbers are pretty cool but what excites me the most is that 300 people have seen how important their health is and have made a decision to reduce their oxidative stress levels. The other number is just a bonus, but that excites me too cause thats 50 families who are trying to make their lives better through financial freedom.
I never would have thought I would be good in this business, its a new model to what I was used too but its empowering to know that not only am I good enough for this, I'm helping people make a difference in their lives and all because I opened my mouth to a few people and in turn they are doing the same!

That is the biggest gift God could ever give us!! Share with passion and auntentically and youll never fail. I might not be going fast as others but Im damn proud to see how much of a difference I've made in my life and other peoples too! A wise woman told me recently to not compare yourself to others journey and I'm proud how my journey is unfolding!

Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.

I love reading books and today Im sharing with what I'm currently reading!! I've heard of John Maxwell a lot and read a few of his books, so when I heard he was coming to speak at my company's conference I knew it was time to dip deeper into a few more of his books before hearing him in person!!

How many of you want to learn what that means and how you can start making it work for you???

So today's #31daySMC was to share my Goals!
I've been sitting on this one all day, because so often my goals seem so far off in the distance that its hard to verbalise them! But I know that these past 2 years have brought out the vision in me to realise that all the goals I do have, I can and will achieve because of my belief in God and law of attraction.
Now that might seem funny to some but I've seen it happen so often when you shift your mind from negative to positive, from self focused to people focused. When you give out of your heart or you do something with no expectation to recieve anything back thats when the magic happens!
We were blessed with a gift 2 years ago which changed our lives, it changed our sick little Annabelle's life and to know that God trusted us with this gift is a huge responsibiltiy and its my goal to share it with as many people as I can in my heart centred, authentic way so that people realise its God working through us that this is happening. Stuart and I are just a vessel to share this with others.
Our goal is to show our 5 beautiful children who are watching our every move to see that we have a huge passion to see people healthy, to no longer see people suffering and to see grandparents playing with their grandchildren with no illness/pain stopping them from doing that.
My greatest joy in life is seeing the smile on my kids faces and when they see how it helps someone else and they get excited for that person is incredible and makes me proud to be a parent!

So for yesterday's #31daySMC I had to think of someone who inspires me.. I have some close friends who are there for me when I'm feeling down, who know when I'm just needing that friendly smile or a hug and they always have the right words to say, I could have chosen one of them... Or I could have chosen some amazing people from my church family and our direct family, who no matter what have always been there to support us, even when times have been tough..... But who really inspires me, who makes me daily want to get out of bed and make this world, their world a better place, are my children and husband. We have been through hell and back and are still suffering the effects of some of those events thrown our way, but no matter what we always have each other, and really they are who what matters most! So when I'm feeling down, or stressed I can guarantee that at least one of these smiling crazy children of mine can make it all better and if they can't with words, then their hugs sure can!!

What would you attempt to do, if you knew you wouldn't fail??

When a fast dinner is needed this is my go to meal! Chicken and Brocoli Omelet!

Sundays = Church

We love our half hour drive to our church, we crank the music and just enjoy spending our time together!! How do you spend your Sundays?!

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