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The proud sister who witnessed the little man's first roll over, and then rushed to make him a congratulatory certificate. ❤️😍

"Oh looky here! Does that really say I rolled over for the first time today?"
Marking a milestone for this little man. I was very eager for my first child to roll over, but now I know better. That it really doesn't matter how fast or slow they were to these skills since they all get there in their own time. And I'm instead acutely aware of how quickly they grow out of my arms, too soon after they settled in. So it is with some wistfulness that I registered I have a roller now. Hurray on the milestone but don't be in too much of a hurry to grow up, baby!

Happy, clean and smelling fresh, thanks to Original Sprout! I'm not a big user of lotions but I really like this Scrumptious Baby Cream because it's non-greasy and gets absorbed quickly. And it makes my baby smells even more delicious!
#originalsprout #maxomorra

Came home to these lovely flowers from @abetterflorist! I've been having a rough few nights with a baby who's been sleeping badly and these lovely blooms brightened my mood amidst the tiredness.
#abetterflorist #flowerdelivery

A morning at Clip n Climb! Noey is really my spiderman! He's all gangly and not that into sports but somehow he just scales walls with ease.
Thought it would be good to get the kids moving on a rare day off from school so I made a play date of it by bringing one of Noey's friends along with us. The kids had such a good time climbing and also chatting with each other. I've cut down on outing with my two since Baby Nate came along so I'm glad I had the chance to bring them out today.

Noey is home for lunch today thanks to psle oral so I made Niki Udon with the recipe from #justonecookbook for all of us. Mainly to use up my beef slices (my lunch is often driven by my need to use up ingredients!) but it was a good choice cos the kids lapped it up! I also took the opportunity to make my own dashi stock for the soup base and it was so much nicer than the bottled stuff. Yay.

Looking way too happy to be awake late at night! So the downside to having enthusiastic older siblings is that your baby comes down with a cold when they don't know how to stay away! 😐 No fever thankfully but it's been two nights of bad sleep for him and me! Praying he recovers quickly.

Baby signing with Jiejie!

The man doesn't believe in fussy birthday celebrations so we had his fav crab Bee Hoon for dinner at home, but what's a birthday without cake? So we also got him a yummy raspberry tart cake from Tarte to round off the evening. Happy birthday love!

It's the husband's birthday today! Happy birthday to my best friend and partner-in-crime! (Pic taken during an early celebration with my parents on National Day where my family bought him his fav cake - kueh lapis!)

Waffles and sausages on this public holiday morning! After 3 attempts, I've finally worked out how to get perfect buttermilk waffles from my vitantonio waffle maker - crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. My family heartily approves. (Machine bought from @brunohotplatesg!)

A first for me - making our very own enormous turnip from paper mache for Mei's school plant project. All that piñata making practice came in useful after all!

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