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John-Michael • Berlin 

Illustration I made for one of my fayv books.

Isn't it past your bed time bud?

Yo cool dudes. Remember Spinner Fidgers™? Well guess what, they're back! 💥
Don't get left behind. Beg your parents for one today! #sponsoredpost

This futuristic looking keyboard could come in handy in the future.

For a birthday present to myself I bought the same watch I've been wearing for almost 10 years. Consistency is key for any good brand folks. #johnmichael

30 years of age and still a slime ball.

*Sound on*
By far one of the most musically intense experiences of my life. (Didn't think a saxophone could break me down into a stream of tears).
Will spare further details as the videos speak for themselves. In order of appearance: Colin Stetson. Yair Elazar Glotman & Mats Erlandsson. Second Woman. Objekt.

Till the sun comes up

Get in. We're gonna go yell at freshman.

Me wielding a small dagger in my traditional Greek dance attire, circa 1994. "I miss the imagination I had as a child. You can pick up a stick or a rock, and then the stick will become this magical emerald sword or some crap like that.
And then the stick is like your best friend for the rest of the day."
- Mark


Going through my hard drive. Found a mural I did while I still had long hair.

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