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My life. Kids. Essential oils  Mum. Wife. Loving life. 😍 Less chemicals. Healthy homes. 🍃Everyday Natural solutions 🍃 DōTERRA leader, educator & oil lover 💧🌿🍋 Join & save $$$ ⤵️

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For all my lovely new followers. Hi i'm Claire! Mum of two gorgeous kids aged 3.5 and 5, and Wife of nearly ten years to my highschool sweetheart Ben. .
Why am I passionate about dōTERRA essential oils? .
Over 2 years ago I was at the end of my rope. I was always run down - physically and emotionally - and my kids were constantly getting sick. The stress in my home was evident and the exhaustion sometimes unbareable. .
I found dōTERRA. And it empowered me. Once a skeptic, I was blown away at how fast and efficient the oils were. I have never been disappointed - whether i use them to help the kids settle to sleep, boost my immune system, help calm anxious thoughts, clean my benchtops or help heal up a cut or graze ... they work.
After a while I found myself no longer needing to go down the cleaning isle at coles, visit the chemist or found myself sitting at the doctors office waiting to be told to just get some Panadol. I was empowered with these oils to help myself and my family and began to empower others to empower themselves by sharing the oils with others. . I have never looked back.
My heart truly is to help you find the life changing benefits of these oils. To help you incorporate them into your everyday life and naturally bring wellness to you and your family. I would love to chat to you if you are ready to get started with dōTERRA oils. It will be my privilege to show you the ropes and educate you in how they work and how to use them.

Message me for more info on how to get started or check out the link to my store for more info.

When you choose dōTERRA, you are choosing essential oils gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy. .
Who’s ready to get started. There’s never a better time then now.

Santa photos and preschool graduation done for the year. So much happens in December! Who’s ready for Christmas? I’m so not 🙀 .
Personalised Christmas ornaments by @_zilvi

Like to keep things simple and fuss free? The Doterra Touch kit is for you!

Featuring nine of Doterra's most popular oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil, doTERRA Touch makes applying the oils simple and mess free with ready to use roll-ons. They have been diluted with children in mind, without weakening the benefits of the oil. .

Perfect to pop in your handbag, baby bag or drawer at work.
They're ready to use, fuss free and good to go. No mixing.

Here's what you get... .

Easy air - all things respiratory
Tea tree - earache, cuts and scrapes, rash, antibacterial
ice blue - inflammation and pain
DigestZen - all things tummy
Frankincense - skin, immune, mood
Lavender - stress, rashes, sleep
On Guard - immune suppport, germ killer
Oregano - colds, flus, viral
Peppermint - headaches, cooling, uplifting.
With this kit you get a bonus bottle of on guard and peppermint beadlets 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼. Free membership and acess to all Doterra products at 25% off and support from me!

Message me to get this super effective and fuss free oil kit.

I’ve made a couple of different variations of oil infused body scrubs for gifts this week. They smell absolutely glorious and I will be sending a few off for the kids daycare room leaders today. A gift made with love is a gift worth giving. ❤️🎄

Can’t believe my little lady graduates from preschool this week 👩‍🎓. This year has gone so so fast and I’m so not prepared to be a school mum already! Any tips for the transition Insta mums?

Miss 5 nailed it. 🤣👼 👼 👼
Defs would win the award 🥇 for Creative effort. 😂🎄🎄🎄👍 .
Who else has Christmas craft happening in their home?

Christmas is coming. Crazy is all around 🤣

Here are two supportive oils which are a must have.
🔹Clary calm. A ladies best friend. The best blend for your worst week of the month. Period.
Roll it on over the abdomen to soothe and calm discomfort during your cycle and calm emotions. If you’ve finished with that season of your life, roll over the back of the neck for hot flashes and for hormonal support.
ClaryCalm contains a blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Fennel, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa, and Vitex. . 🔹Balance. Use daily on bottoms of feet or back of neck or as needed to keep calm cool and collected.
It promotes a whole body sense of relaxation, tranquility and balance. I even use this on my kids regularly to calm the tantrums and diffuse for peace in the home. .
Balance is the perfect blend of Fractionated Coconut Oil, Spruce Leaf, Ho Wood Leaf, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, Blue Chamomile Flower, Osmanthus Flower. .

I highly recommend these two oils and I never let my bottle become empty. Dm me for more info.

Be kind this Christmas. Give generously with expectation of getting back. Smile. Love. Open your heart ❤️ 🎄🎄🎄🎄

One of the best ways to get started with doterra oils is with a TOP TEN OILS starter pack. .
The bigger the pack, the bigger the savings but they both have an amazing discount AND include a free membership which gives you an amazing discount and opportunity to earn free oils.
FREE BONUS FULL SIZED FRANKINCENSE WORTH over $100 retail price with the Home essentials kit this month!
When getting started with a kit, there are no selling or business requirements with dōTERRA or locked in monthly orders needed. Just amazing oils at an amazing price and so much flexibility to order when and what you want later on. .

SWIPE TO THE RIGHT to check out our amazing kits and send me a DM to get started. I can’t wait to introduce you to as these amazing oils to help support you and your family. Dm me to order, can’t wait to help you get started.

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