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video edits📽  i stan chicken & shelley hennig


malia tate; a woman who remains unbothered

you don’t just accidentally lock a door *eyeroll*
for nic & maria 💙

the reason why i started editing
for blaise, happy birthday my love <3
merry christmas/happy holidays!

because no matter what, you truly, never forget your first love.

...props to you for trying tho
my audio & transition!
[audio sounds better with headphones]

you’re doing amazing sweetie.

— lydia + aiden
hey kiddos, hope you’re all doing okay! I’m not back for good just yet, but i’ll be back for good soon! in the meantime, enjoy this collab part, love y’all! 💗
[there is no colouring or watermark as this is a collab part, so please don’t steal!] 💗

hey y’all,
idk if you guys have noticed but i rarely come on this acc anymore, reason being i’m not as happy as i used to be on here and ig it’s just not doing to it for me anymore, i’m not enjoying editing anymore and i’ve decided that I’m going to take a break from it all.. but it’s not gonna be forever, only maybe for a couple of months so i can also focus on my schoolwork as well and just refresh, i am going to deactivate soon but i’m going to hold it off for a abit so you guys can see this post beforehand.. thank you all so much for your support, i love and appreciate y’all with all my heart, please don’t unfollow tho! i’ll be back, i promise!
love, ree 💗

i can assure you, darling. you are loved.
tried out a new style(s), so there’s a few glitches evident [yeet] let me know what you think! 💗
for maria, desi, blaise, rans, kylee, the hosts & the rest who commented for a dt! sorry i couldn’t write everyone 💗 [@softsciles, @moaninghennig, @spacelunar, @lightargxnt, @malsglxy, @obrieninq, @infinitelahey & @vampirealpha]
ac; me
cc; not sure
ib/rm; @onlyobrien

— crystal reed
i wouldn’t be able to post this edit without @neflarious you are literally an angel sent from heaven 💗
for desi [@moaninghennig]
ac; me [trimmed & looped]
cc; i think it’s mysticstles
ib; @mainlyob

— please don't fall inlove without me...
"because the worst kind of love
is the one when you want someone
but you know you can't have them"
i'm sorry for this terrible edit, i've had no inspo/motivation to edit lately.. i forced myself to edit this and tbh i strongly dislike the way this turned out, the only reason i'm posting this is because 1, it's my #1 babies and 2, i haven't posted in almost a month
for my boy [@softsciles]
ac; me
cc; queenofchaos or something like that

— it's all about the connection
so you're telling me...
his best friend who he considers as family
the man who basically raised him on his own and has showed him unconditional love since day 1
the ONLY woman who he feels comfortable enough to call mum
and the girl who taught him how to genuinely love
all have a weaker connection than stydia? 
also in NO WAY am i hating on stydia's relationship - i just wanted to point out some connections that i personally thought were stronger then theirs
for mia, sofia, maria, blaise, emma, leeni, shannon, ava, kana, samantha, nirvana & desi [@stydia.stans, @nothg_lkth_rain, @softsciles, @spacelunar, @dynxsty_, @staliasalvatore, @heyylahey, @halesandlightwoods, @softstalia, @mysticcanary, @slaystalia & @moaninghennig]
ac; me [trimmed, stitched & voiceovers]
cc; idk

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