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video editsπŸ“½  i stan chicken & shelley hennig


β€” please don't fall inlove without me...
"because the worst kind of love
is the one when you want someone
but you know you can't have them"
i'm sorry for this terrible edit, i've had no inspo/motivation to edit lately.. i forced myself to edit this and tbh i strongly dislike the way this turned out, the only reason i'm posting this is because 1, it's my #1 babies and 2, i haven't posted in almost a month
for my boy [@softsciles]
ac; me
cc; queenofchaos or something like that

β€” tw cast collab [open]
since teen wolf is ending, i thought it would be appropriate to host a teen wolf cast collab!
β€’ must use at least 720p/1080p clips, you can also use as many pictures as you wish
β€’ please edit it in a square format [e.g for svp the dimensions would be 1080 x 1080]
β€’ DO NOT cut the part yourselves, i will do that
β€’ comment which part & cast member you would like to edit [i would prefer you had at least one backup for both]
β€’ ALL parts are due 29/9 [please don't comment if you know you cannot complete your part on time]
β€’ tag 2-3 people who you think would be interested in joining
part 1;
part 2;
part 3; me [shelley hennig]
part 4;
part 5;
part 6;
part 7;
part 8;
i will be choosing parts based on editing style, please don't get upset if i do not choose you β€” remember you are all extremely talented and nobody else should tell you otherwise!! πŸ’“
ac; me [trimmed, cut & stitched]
cc; none used
[EDIT; the quality is terrible and the end of the video got cut off slightly, get your shit together ig]

β€” it's all about the connection
so you're telling me...
his best friend who he considers as family
the man who basically raised him on his own and has showed him unconditional love since day 1
the ONLY woman who he feels comfortable enough to call mum
and the girl who taught him how to genuinely love
all have a weaker connection than stydia?Β 
also in NO WAY am i hating on stydia's relationship - i just wanted to point out some connections that i personally thought were stronger then theirs
for mia, sofia, maria, blaise, emma, leeni, shannon, ava, kana, samantha, nirvana & desi [@stydia.stans, @nothg_lkth_rain, @softsciles, @spacelunar, @dynxsty_, @staliasalvatore, @heyylahey, @halesandlightwoods, @softstalia, @mysticcanary, @slaystalia & @moaninghennig]
ac; me [trimmed, stitched & voiceovers]
cc; idk

β€” a known daddy
phew, i love this legend! must be hard carrying an entire show on your back.. on a totally different note, can you believe stiles let go of this iconic woman? oh well, that's his loss 🀷
for maria, desi, blaise, nirvana, nat & kendall [@softsciles, @shelleyscolors, @spacelunar, @slaystalia, @hedahennig & @vampymalia]
ac; me [trimmed, looped & voiceover] ig cut off the end, i stg they're boutta catch these hands real soon
cc; i forgot, what a surprise!

β€” stiles & malia on social media
sorry, this is really choppy but i'm working on making my transitions smoother in ae, until then y'all are gonna have to put up with 'work in progress' edits like this
for mia, bella, maria, desi, talia and kylee [@stydia.stans, @softsciles, @shelleyscolors, @spacelunar & @maliasnova]
ac; onlyobrien [i only added the voiceovers & sound effects]
cc; minkus [slightly edited]

β€” lydia & parrish
the definition of wasted potential, y'all know laiden is my #1 lydia ship but i love marrish as well :') i'll probably edit laiden when i get time although i'm still trynna figure out why i deleted this
for kaylie [@wolvain]
ac; me
cc; y'all already know i forgot

β€” it doesn't feel the same
"sometimes i wish we could fall in love again and forget the past, because the truth is, i couldn't ever love anybody else the way i love you"
also this is the first and last time i'm using ae... this shit took me my whole afternoon to figure out
for maria [@softsciles], look at our babies.. they deserved all the happiness in the world :(
ac; me [trimmed, stitched, voiceovers & looped]
cc; i forgot, again

β€” multifemale [photo]
thank you to everybody who joined this collab, you all did amazingly well and your parts were absolutely incredible!Β 
part 1; @spacelunar
part 2; @scal.ia
part 3; @voidxriverdale
part 4; @maliasmoon.x
part 5; me
part 6; @nighthxda
part 7; @chessainlove
part 8; @takenliars
thank you all for being apart of this, you all should be very proud of yourselves.. i absolutely adore you all :'))
for maria [@softsciles] and anybody else who sees their fav in here πŸ’“
ac; me
cc; I forgot.. again

β€” a mf duo
yes, this is a plot twist.. can you imagine being so iconic & hot ?? I don't like this at all but i decided to post it anyway although i sort of like my allydia to malira transition, idk about the kira to malia oneπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
for @slaystalia
ac; me
cc; hell's canary

β€” "did i say babygirl?"
i've been seeing a lot of people saying that stiles & malia never really loved each other or that their relationship wasn't genuine.. they were so inlove to the point where they didn't need to say it, they both already knew. just because they didn't say 'i love you' didn't mean they didn't love each other, moments like these showed the other person how appreciated & grateful they were to have them. my point being, they had different ways of saying i love you without actually saying "i love you", they were different and that's why i love them so much

β€” the stiles to my malia
an appreciation post for the hoe who i love with all my heart. thank you for being the older sister i never had.. you my friend are one of the few people who can actually make me smile or crack a laugh whilst texting and for that i thank you. i always look forward to our conversations full of complete bullshit because it makes my whole day. i am so utterly grateful that i stumbled across your profile & that we started talking because tbh, i have no idea where i would be without you. i appreciate you a lot & i hope you know that..
for maria [@softsciles] πŸ’“
ac; me
cc; me [i actually sort of like my colouring for once]
this is heavily inspired by jamy! [@subfusx]

an underrated puppy who deserves a lot more appreciation & recognition than he gets, pass it on
for angel, serena, talia, tina, mikayla, simon, sarah, selin & elif [@dobfanedits, @hecticwolves, @spacelunar, @tmrvoids, @obrienshennig, @slays.teenwolf, @nighthxda, @mcyukitate & @werecoyode] hope you guys like it! πŸ’“
ac; me [trimmed & attempted but failed loop]
cc; minkis

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