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moved to @cauvstic 

@zane's 100th video✨
ac: kuteaudios
dt: evelin💓 (@xfeltonedits)
[#mistgrp | #alphagrp]

so I'm not really sure what I'm doing here. I dont want to permanently leave this account, but I also want to start fresh. so for right now, I'm going to slowly migrate over to @cauvstic. ever since I had the brief rebranding, my account went downhill. I'm probably deactivating @orphvc since there really isn't any use there anymore, but in hopes of rebuilding I'll always post here. so this isn't goodbye, it's just a... new year type thing. I'm still posting on here, I'm not leaving. but just keep an eye out for this account.

[#mistgrp | #alphagrp]
ac: not mine
sc: afterlvst (some, not all)
oc: mine :)

@rudymancuso 💓
ac: darkistune
[#mistgrp | #alphagrp]
I love this man

be happy @mikeymanfs 💓
ac: scarletxflash
dt: wmit 💙
[#mistgrp | #alphagrp]
he deserves the world (:

I was made for loving you✨
ac: mine
dt: @psychotic.dawson & @xfeltonedits💓
[#mistgrp | #alphagrp | #omgpage]
I'm so proud of him 😭

Barry (The Flash) Allen
ac: mine
ib: jerxmevska
dt: rachel !!
[#mistgrp | #alphagrp]

(15 fps)
we love a man who deserves the best 😥
ac: not mine
dt: @javapng & @septicola
shake presets: @afterlvst [#mistgrp | #alphagrp | #omgpage]
hi I'm alive and well

my part in @multi__love's collab!💙
[#mistgrp | #alphagrp | #aussiacult | #omgpage]
if I have to repost this for a third time in hopes of it doing well imma commit

my cause of death: the cali pics✨
ac: jerxmevska
dt: mnl 💙
[#mistgrp | #alphagrp | #aussiacult]
I'm aware the first pic isn't from Cali, I used it for the audio 😂

im posting today my dudes :)

we love a photogenic bean


hi, I love @grantgust
ac: mine (ac ib: thedylanobrien)
dt: evelin {@xfeltonedits} and @lunarwests, I love your edits sm bye💙
[#mistgrp | #alphagrp | #aussiacult]
this sucks sm, but he doesn't :)

these dorks✨
ac: mine
for: natalie bb (@856.natt) ilysm and I hope this makes you happy 💙
[#alphagrp | #mistgrp | #aussiacult]

world of my creation✨
ac: pobricita
dt: mnl 💙
[#mistgrp | #aussiacult | #alphagrp]
this looked better in my head

I forgot my covers again [3/3]

I forgot my covers again [2/3]

I forgot my covers again [1/3]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @mamamanfs !!!!

!no wm so do not steal please¡
my part in @voidsdmn's collab :)

ac/ib: @spookenj.mp4
dt: chloe & jacky 💟
(@thewvlfhard | @javapng)
-[#mistgrp | #alphagrp | #aussiacult | #omgpage]
I'm proud of this so if it flops imma be pissed

I forgot my cover on my next edit

I forgot my cover on my next edit

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