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🥀  jess is rucas's #1 stan & grace is varchie’s #1 stan


@chandlerbingx aka @cheroniica
I LOVE YOU GRACE AND YOUR EDITS🤙🏼 omg omg omg you’re so underrated I want to cry cause your edits are A M A Z I N G‼️ you really need to edit more tho🤧🤧🤧 I need more edits to watch from you. I love these two edits so so so much especially the first one that was dedicated to me😭 promise me one thing: never🙅stop❌❌dabbing📌✂️
Go follow this hoe who loves Shane and Cheronica😰💯💯

wowwowow ily so much. Your edits always amaze me‼️‼️ like how?are?you?so?talented. These two edits are my absolute favs okay? Okay. you deserve so many more followers tbh. I’m so happy I became friends w/ you even tho you ship riarkle🤧🤧Ahhhh please don’t ever disable or stop editing❤️😮 GO FOLLOW THIS BITCH thanks @xgrief

these are just some of my fav edits of yours💗
I love love love your edits so much! You’re such an underrated and amazing editor wow. I wish I can be as talented as you😰 well I’m glad we’re friends, keep editing💓💓

imma repost some of my fav edits that are by my fav underrated editors🤧

comment your fav youtuber if you’re still an active follower 🤧

dt; barchie shippers
qotd; would you rather have a bughead break up or a varchie breakup? (and no, you can't choose both)

oops my finger slipped..
dt; varchie sucks whoops go
qotd; cheronica or cheryl&josie?

inspired by an iconic vine haha.
what's your fav vine?

the core four thoughts asdfghjkl.
dt; varchie sucks whoops gc
favorite riverdale ship(s)?

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