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Mukhpreet Singh Khurana  ੴ. 22. Humanitarian. Writer. Entrepreneur. Photographer. // Nirbhao || Nirvair //


Yes, I'm obese. Yes, I'm skinny. Yes, I fumble through sentences. Yes, I'm way too fat to climb over fences. Yes, I have a huge appetite. Yes, I have stretch marks all over my limbs. Yes, my bra strap shows. Yes, I wear denim shorts. Yes, I wear deep necked clothes. Yes, I'm a guy and I'm a failure. Yes, I'm a drug addict. Yes, I hate hypocrites. Yes, im judgemental. Yes, I party till I trip. Yes, I rebel against my parents. Yes, I like doing things my way. Yes, sometimes, I don't care what people think. Yes, I break rules sometimes. Yes, I let loose sometimes. Yes, I get body shamed, I get bullied, too. Yes, sometimes, I end up being a loser, too. Yes, I don't know what to do with my life. Yes, I'm a teenager and I'm in a live-in relationship. Yes, I've done whatever I was restricted on. Yes, when the time comes, I'll rebel against all wrong. Yes, my voice goes unheard among my loved ones. Yes, my tears and my fears seem endless, not knowing what's life yet to become. But you know What? I don't care. I am comfortable in my own skin, with every flaw, every scar and with every fall, I'm comfortable. I'm comfortable under my own layers, exposed like a nerve. Yes, for this time, I'll do what I have to, my way. Yes, I'm comfortable in my own skin, in my own ribcage, a free bird; yes I am comfortable in my own skin, for who I was, who I am and for who I am yet to be.
This is a whisper of a voice that was left unheard, a side of our beautiful existence that was left unseen; this is us, vulnerable and exposed; this is us, victorious in our own stealth and our abode.
- Mukhpreet Singh Khurana

"Take me back in time, help me complete this song, help me hum a new rhyme. Sit with me on a bench, admire the stillness around; for all I know about life and what so ever comes with it, in you and in your light, let it all be found."
- Mukhpreet Singh Khurana

Rebel! Because you've had enough.
Rebel! Because you've suffered enough.
Rebel! Because you've sacrificed enough.
Rebel! Because you've lost enough.
Rebel! Because you've tolerated enough.
Rebel! Because you've waited enough.
Rebel! Because you've cried enough.
Rebel! Because you've explained enough.
Rebel! Because you've waited enough.
Rebel! Not because you can, rebel because you know YOU want to!
Take a stand for yourself, face the circumstances, break free the barriers suffocating You, break free the restrictions hindering you; break free all the stereotypes, break free all worries and thoughts. For once, no matter how minor or Major, take a leap of faith for yourself! For once, let go of everyone else, everything else; For once, believe in YOURSELF! For once, stand up tall on your feet, have the courage and the willingness to believe! For once, try to live the way you want to. For once, don't rush, but crawl if you have to. Trust the process, trust yourself.
Rebel! Because a change waits for you.
Rebel! Because a new beginning waits for you.
Rebel! Because a better version of yourself waits for you.
Rebel! Because a stronger and a happier version of yourself waits for you. Rebel!
- Mukhpreet Singh Khurana

// So far //
We let the past form basis of our thoughts in the present, we look at shooting stars and pray in resent; we end up drowning in the illusion of control, in the benefit of doubt, knowing we control everything. Little do we know, the universe is always over giving and taking, over balancing and adjusting, over sacrificing and adapting. Little do we know, it's always been about being there, selflessly, for your own self and for others. We let our worries for tomorrow play with the remains of a beautiful present, we let the negative glasses blind our faith, fiddle with our belief systems and tamper our determination. It's all about where you want to put your faith in, who you want to put your faith in. It's about who's shoulder you want to cry on, it's about how strong you are, yet want another hand to hold on; It's all about knowing what YOU want most from this moment, from yourself, from every relationship that you seek and the ones seeking you; it's always about setting them all free, of letting time do the working, and the healing; it's all about putting in all your effort and faith, kneeling and praying; for all I know about life so far is, it's all about loving, loving, and just loving. - Mukhpreet Singh Khurana

For once, close your eyes, feel your heart beat.For once, tear your miseries apart, breathe! For once, let those chills crawl down your spine, for once, let go of control.For once, take a leap of faith.For once, let us hold hands and cherish the distance, for once, let us hold on to memories and celebrate our undying faith; For once, let us laugh through randomness, for once, let us forget our sorrows, for once, let us take our vows.For once, let us look forward to a faithful tomorrow, let us take a deep breath; for once, let us dance through this very moment; For once, let us dress up in gowns, and in tuxedos, for once, let us light up the sky! For once, let me grab you by your waist, pulling you closer for one memorable dance, for once, let the goosebumps breathe in our bellies, for once, let us live our dream. For once, let me plug into your playlist and go back to being myself again, let me put myself in your shoes, knowing life is still full of joy and of grace. For once, let me wait for you, let me swipe through my gallery admiring your face. Let us build a home, let us admire a sunset off a cliff: let us decorate each other in drapes of courage, strength and hope; for once, let me see you wear mascaras of faith and defiance, knowing in this distance, we still have it all. Let me tell you that we shall make it to the end, together, and in it, welcome a new beginning. Let me tell you, we got this, we shall sail through the highest tide, we shall learn from every hurdle coming our stride; Let me paint you a sky full of dreams and full of life, let me see you as a shooting star, let me make a 11:11 PM wish; For once, let me tell you that its okay to wait a while, to let things take their time. For once, let us not fall but rise in love, rise for ourselves, for each other. Let us grow, let us live, let us love, let us laugh. Let me make you a promise, that we shall be stardust on the darkest night, dominant but always clear in sight. For once, let us rise in love. For once, let us live in love, let us live love. For once, and forever.
- Mukhpreet Singh Khurana

Such is the power of love, an escape from reality but a reality in its own existence. Such is love, unbiased and unconditional, selfless surrender to a belonging; such is love, stealth, and a home in its own. Such is love, both, rain and pain. Such is love, both, faith and belief restored. Such is love, a feeling of betterment, of growth, and of worship. Such is love, a blessing, a meditation. Such is love,wanting, passionate and wild. Such is love, a compromise, a sacrifice. Love is floating, love is in the drowning. Love is the surface, love is the depth. Love is a chill crawl down your spine, love is a tear brewing up in your eye. Love is the end to a wait, love is the journey of fate. Such is love, distant, yet the closest. Such is love, the darkness of the tunnel, and the awakening light, too. Such is love, question and answer. Such is love, such are you, and in you, so am I.
- Mukhpreet Singh Khurana

You are beautifully flawed. You are effortlessly scarred. You are undoubtedly problematic. You are unambiguously chaotic. So What? So what if scars decorate your body a lot more than laurels or medals do? So what if failures fill up your jar more than moments of joy do? So what if you're different, you're a mess and you run short of words. So what if you're not acknowledged amidst a crowd? So What! It's never about who they want you to be. It's never about who they want YOU to become. It's always about how capable are YOU to stand in front of the mirror, caressing every single fragment of skin that lays scarred over time, that exposes all your vulnerability at life. It's all about how YOU accept YOURSELF for who you were, who you are and be there for yourself to be who YOU choose to BE. It's always about how you own up to yourself and make peace with yourself. Trust me, the others can wait. YOU come first. YOU always will.
We are all art in our own way.
- Mukhpreet Singh Khurana

You were meant to be different. You were made to feel different, to express different. You were meant to be unique in your own way, you were meant to stand apart from the crowd. You were meant to be weird, to be horribly insane. But, at the same time, you were meant to love different, to be loved different. You were meant to suffer different, to learn and to be taught different. You were meant to pick different paths, you were meant for a different destination. You were meant to be accepted by a few, to accept a few. You were meant to be different in success, and in failure. You were meant to be different, to be quiet, to be on your own. You were meant to be different, because you were, you are and you will be the best of who you want to be. You were meant to be different, to live every day and every moment as you want to, you were meant to be different because you're best when away from the crowd, in a madness of your own and in a comfort zone of your own. You were meant to be different. You're best when different. - Mukhpreet Singh Khurana

Sometimes, you've got to take a leap of faith. Sometimes, you've got to take a chance, to believe in the extraordinary. Sometimes, you've got to let go of the illusion of control, you've got to know that things don't always have to go the way you want them to. You've got to expect the unexpected at times. At times, not expect at all. The world revolves into the good and into the bad every single second, and so do you. Sometimes, you've got to balance the good with the unjust, sometimes balance failure with hope, with learning and with nurturing. You've got to believe in yourself, telling yourself every now and then that you were a mess, you probably still are, but YOU are who YOU choose to BE. You have your strengths, no matter how weird and strange. By the end of the day, you've got to look at yourself in the mirror, eye to eye, telling yourself that yes better things, better people and better experiences, no matter how bitter, shall come to you. And as long as you got your own back, nothing can shake You, nothing can fail You, nothing can break you. It's time you got you. Trust me. It's time.
- Mukhpreet Singh Khurana

Neither a prize winner, nor a fast runner. Definitely a head turner.

Comfort zone.
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