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Missing New York and fall 🍂

Book hunting ❤️

"One must live with time and die with it, or else elude it for a greater life."

The air was somber and luminious at the same time. A sense of futility infected her. Between time and where I am there is no compromise she said, I have resuscitated my thoughts. She felt solitary with a company yet together and belong. It was like witnessing the marvellous layers of nature in the dusk, the colours was fading away towards the eternity where every mountain appeared in a different shade and meaning. Just like the scenery her face was dissapearing from the frame, only leaving a blurry trace of her existence.

"But what an amazing creation in which those creatures of fire and ice seem so familiar to us. The passionate world of indifference that rumbles in their hearts does not seem at all monstrous to us. We recognize in it our everyday anxieties."

In which mirror do you want see your reflection or which reflection of yourself are you willing to reveal?

"Detached from any external stimulus, the only thing I could see or feel with any clarity was myself."

The colour of that vespa harmonising with the bikes, the texture of the streets and the details in every corner reverberate almost an ancient day from my ephemeral life. Yet suddenly people and cars in the background change all the atmosphere, brings me into the reality. Then all it leaves me is a breezy memory with the sound of our footsteps in the streets of Stockholm.

When you have to deal with a bad and an unexpected occurance, you assume it to pulverize yourself. After contemplating the moments, the glances and the floating words you realize what seems bad is actually better for your own sake. More than realizing but feeling it in the every corner of your soul makes those gloomy days transform a fresh breath and then a new chapter starts. A chapter where you found the power within yourself to trascend the obstacles and miserable thoughts. The memory lost its bitter taste and becomes blurry. Then the agony dissolves into particles and unify again as something much more precious, decent and significant.

The same and yet so various, so many souls summed up in a single body.

Albert Camus - The Myth of Sisyphus

Jungle hidden in the city 🌿

One of my favorite bookstores in Toronto 👐🏼

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