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Müjgan Afra Özceylan  Film & digital photography Toronto |

Ben Howard - Small Things 🎶

Find your path 🌿

"What makes lovemaking and reading resemble each other most is that within both of them times and spaces open, different from measurable time and space."

So many things has been changed since I last came here in the winter. The air, the textures and the emotions circulating through my mind and body 🌿

"There once was an island further than any boat had reached And she sat there in silence.
Alone, but at ease. A spell was upon her. Her body could never leave, but her mind would travel multitudes your eye could not conceive. When the night sky is your only friend, when you're tired of playing pretend, when the ground under your feet feels like no more than a dream, and you're in over your head and your instincts are not fed, well, you're not free. You don't feel free. There's no time to be on that island with me, far away from the city, from the litter and poverty, from the fast-paced monotony."

My first black and white film, a scene from the narrow streets of Istanbul.
This shot is definitely one of my favorite photos and a passing stranger made this ordinary moment exceptional. He doesn't even know this photo is exist, he doesn't even know I'm talking about him right now. For me this image and the feelings it stirs up is a metaphor of people who became a part of our lives, people who once only a stranger.

Summer dresses are out and I finally feel like I'm having this invisible connection with the city which makes me feel content and grateful about where I am, what I am doing with my life at the moment. It's hard to feel the bond with a place that you are almost an alien but everyday things are getting better. I think this dress that I purchased recently from a vintage store is one of the most colorful pieces in my wardrobe and it's a reflection of my current state of emotions; vibrant, excited and happy #💃🏻

Clear your mind. Your heart is trying to tell you something.

Toronto, Toronto 👐🏼

The cure for apathy is memory.

Sometimes it might be an escape but a greater escape most of the time not just from the complexity but the life itself.

The best food market in the world according to @natgeo finally has been explored by me and by my blurry vision ✨

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