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#NüCrü  #NüCrü

Snippet off #StillMad 👀 #NüCrü

If you scared to walk past these niggas, imagine how she feel. 😭😭 And she live there.

I need a dope female rapper for the 2nd verse of this song. 👀 Tag your favorite female rapper(within my budget of course, I can’t afford Cardi or Nicki) and see if they’re down. DM for details. #NüCrü #704 #864 #StillMAD #Ayedere

Happy Birthday to one of my heroes. Don’t ever let them turn you into a martyr, MLK didn’t die for civil rights, he LIVED for civil rights. Those that were against him killed and tried to convert his message. Little tribute to him from a snippet of my upcoming album #StillMAD. Credits: “Mountaintop” speech by MLK JR. Sample: “Lord Remember Me” x Ruthie Foster

The funniest thing about this whole picture is the white kid looking like “Uhhhhh I don’t think this is a good idea you guys.” 😂😭.

The last time I’m speaking on that hoodie

And y’all said she was a bad mother for letting her kid take that pic without a haircut(some of y’all called that kid’s hair nappy which is actually more racist than the hoodie but whatever). And P.S. don’t work with Diddy. Just don’t. He’s a known thief, ion know why y’all acting like he a good person, just Bc he pro black all of a sudden.

Y’all so sensitive it’s infuriating. It’s racist? Yes or no? Who cares? It’s a fucking hoodie from H&M. Right now name a prominent black clothing line? No don’t worry I’ll wait. That’s right. All of them gone. Rocawear, Sean John, etc. Now we have nothing to wear of our own. Y’all so self conscious of what whites think of you it’s ridiculous and pathetic. You wanna tell people what to do with THEIR clothing line, but ain’t got your own shit? FOH. Get your own. #blackindependence #BlackOwned #BlackPride

I tried to pump gas in this weather. I got this far. Hope it last me the whole winter.

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