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LionHearted, SteelBodied • coalminers of balochistan

If you ever get to visit the inside of a coal mine & go deep down beneath the mountain, you’ll feel like telling the people working there what I ended up saying to them ‘Your job is the toughest on earth, it’s more challenging then that of a neurosurgeon, more risky then being at a police checkpost more demanding then being in army’. The entire coal mine felt like a giant grave with tunnels and connections with only one (apparent) way out i.e. the top

#humansOfbalochistan #quettaSuburbs #coal #miners #labor #work #mountains

Not all heroes wear capes, but then some actually do while working in coal mountains of Balochistan

#humansOfBalochistan #coal #minerals #miners #QuettaSuburbs #balochistan


Meet Emmett from Boston who’s on a mission to befriend a person from every country of the world & spend few weeks in most of those countries. We met at a hostel in Colombo and ended up talking till 3am about trains & #forgottenRails & his idea of traveling the world. He told me a lot about railroads in USA & how trains as lengthy as 7km exist. Can’t wait to train hop with this guy soon IA. And he surprised me with an amazing present in the morning.

Mangroves, tall mountains, bright sea, all kinds of forest life. Try absorbing it in all, even the best of you will be overwhelmed - this is langkawi!
#dji #YasuAerial #fromwhereidrone #mangroves #forest #passionPassport #travelDiaries #asia

Aerial view of the road leading up to Genting Highlands while the tall spiky chin swee temple was covered with clouds just a while back

#dji #fromWhereIdrone #gentinghighland #temple #aerial #hillStation #kualaLumpur

Not a single day passes that carriages at bostan not eagerly wait for the moment when the railroad opens, the land rumbles, the station blooms, gossip & chatter thrives & everything shines like good old days. They wait & wait and constantly wait, till every single sunset. They don’t sleep much and begin a fresh yearning every new sunrise and this carries on and on and on till the day, when their steamy mother engine arrives & they reunite after years of separation and together march away into the land of unforgotten rails witnessing new sunrises and sunsets every single day. And nothing is on repeat in their lives ever again.

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the ‘shinnai’ wala

Quetta from the top at dusk • ft. my mengal cut chawats

I’ll let go of my past, I’ll stop worrying about the future. But can I escape the present?

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