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Mugzi  |Entrepreneur | Bay Area 1/3 Of E-40 Sick Wid It Records Bill Board Charting Group The Mossie. Video LinksIn Bio. Purchase single anymedia music store

Had to post this for my other me my twin @fitxbymugz
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I am Such a proud Celebrity Trainer/ entrepreneur. Im using all the gifts & talent GOD has given me. But the gift I love the most is to give back and see growth. Three of many of my student Athletes R Us Fitness Explosion Elite Training Family has commited to or signed Base Ball scholarships.
University Of Arizona, Oregon State & CAL. Bryce Begell 2018 high school graduate, College freshman in fall 2018, Jared B & Brian M High School juniors in fall 2018. I AM I CAN I WILL! Come join trainer Coach Mugz & a fit fam that really cares, that train for the mind, body & soul. @therealbrycebegell @brian.mcclellin @jaredbreedwell

We Back At It Going Hard For This Summer
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@dontgetcaughtmovie The Soundtrack will be available on all digital platforms on June 29th!!! This soundtrack/compilation is brought to you by @therealdshot #TheRealBossBaller 💯 CD's will also be available for sale at #Rapbay #RapbayDotCom #DontGetCaught #TheSoundtrack #FromTheMovie Featuring @therealdshot @e40 @philthyrichfod @jstalinlivewire @nefthepharaoh @octavious707 @jackamobfigaz @fabbydavisjr1 @sanquinn @droopiter @mugzilla @workbabee @kaylanmfhardy and more!!! 🔥⛽️🔥⛽️🔥⛽️🔥⛽️🔥⛽️🔥⛽️🔥

IN do Time Son!

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Do what you love doing and let know one stop your happiness ! speak your goals into existence ‼️ 11**13 #CampShxt 🏕🐗

30/30 SICK WID IT ROYALTY @kaylanmfhardy & @mugzilla. Father& Son! You raise your children to be the best they can be support them & let them Go for their dreams. Stay Humble but Hungry! Kaylan lit up the stage at the first annual high school Summer Explosion! @fitxbymugz #entertainment @sickwiditrecords

THEM STEVENS KIDS! @mugzilla @suga_t_ @therealdshot @e40 @e.cuarentatequila @fitxbymugz @dontgetcaughtmovie #entrepreneurlife GO WARRIORS! CONGRATULATIONS! GO hit the gym & Do one of FitXby Mugz work outs. Then Watch that movie Dont Get Caught while you drink the e.cuarenta.

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In this pic you got #VALLEJO @mugzilla (Hillside) @djdwrek (Collage Park) and #playa @jaytee707 (Rancho) Ask somebody about it! #yee

DONT SLEEP! Young Mugzi nka Mugzilla. The young tycoon Sick Wid It Rec. #TheMossie! I help Pioneer this! We mean as much here as the Bay Bridge! The Yay! #Repost @jt41510 (@get_repost)
#tbt The Click “Tired of Being Stepped On” @therealdshot @blegit72 @suga_t_ @e40 @tap_tap_wtf_mane @mugzilla #theclick #tiredofbeingsteppedon #downanddirty #1992 #vallejo #vtown #hillside #707

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Fitness Explosion Elite Training. WARRIORs! GET YOUR GYM WEAR

@e.cuarentatequila @fitxbymugz
Tequilla in stores now! Sign Up w/ Fitness Explosion Elite Training Today!
#ThemStevensKids #tequila #fitnessmotivation #music #entrepreneur #movie @e40 @therealdshot @suga_t_ @mugzilla

@kaylanmfhardy On a mission to bust his dream wide open! On the screen he go ham and on the mic he Sick Wid It!
New Commercial - I Phone Cases Life takes on a meaning when you become motivated Set goals & charge after them in an unstoppable manner!

@thelesbrown @directedbypatrickpresto
New Commercial @jellyboxxbounce #iphonecases

Accept responsibility for YOUR life. Know that it is YOU who will get YOU where YOU want to go, NO ONE else.
Les Brown #solanocounty #entrepreneur #entertainment #celebritytrainer #music #themossie #sickwiditrecords

Kaylan Hardy Starting To make some noise. Its only the beginning#Repost @kaylanmfhardy (@get_repost)
For booking DM Mugzilla for 30/30 Records

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