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Anam  Nullius in Verba I am neither of the East nor the West, no boundaries exist within my breast.

Our first dance. When you need a reminder of how much love there truly is inside.
“All we have to do is stay close and sparks will fly” #memorialdayweekend

Setting PRs, gaining strength and powerlifting short-term goals being met. I need my own lifting belt now. #deadliftPR165lbs #squat #pullups #latpulldowns #powermovements

“When you begin to embrace duality, you stop resisting the unity that binds you.”
When we realize and embrace all the parts of our inner selves that are conflicting...kind/angry, confident/doubtful, trusting/insecure, brave/weak, compassionate/aggressive, dominant/submissive, we begin to realize the shadow aspects of our personality are just as useful as the light ones. In this space, this unity binds you to the truth of who you are: an infinitely intelligent wild emotional human being.
Embrace the conflict, gain strength from it. You simply cannot become the mature evolved human spirit you aspire to be if you have not first lived and risen from your own darkness. #theedgeofduality #egoteachings

Probably the hardest thing you can do is change your mindset. It requires daily work that needs to be put in. Every now and then your old persona shows it’s insecure self, and you have to actively combat it with maturity and self nourishment.
Remembering at the end of the day, YOU have to live with yourself. Do you really want to forever live in a negative chaotic mind? Or would you rather fill it with budding thoughts of self-growth?
Others will do what they think brings them happiness. You mustn’t concern yourself with their thoughts and reflections of you. You can only change the course of your own thoughts. Everywhere else you are powerless. And there’s true power in understanding that.
You must guard your heart and mind until it has become stronger. Stop waiting for others to truly love and appreciate you. It’s okay if they don’t. You are your own soulmate. Love that caring, goofy, emotional, nurturing, considerate, driven, intelligent, passionate, energetic, loyal, assertive and committed to succeed woman. #sheremberedwhoshewas ❤️

When I found out I need to Read & Understand two heavy set Sec+ books in 20 days.

Goal: Lifting twice my weight. And pullups.
1490 cals.151g protein. 80g carbs. 50g fat.
Lifting 6days a week.
Skeletal Muscle mass:60lb .
Fat mass:47lb
Body Fat: 30%
1month of hypertrophy
Going into heavy lifting now.

And addendum to my vows:
“And I vow to love you even when I’m angry with myself.
I vow to not depend on you for my happiness and expect you to fix my struggles and misfortunes.
You are not here to cater to my insecurities nor my need for validation.
You are my husband and I your wife.
I have to respect, forgive, trust, love you unconditionally.
I must treat you like the grown man you are and bring you up in life.
I cannot let my fear of the future tear myself, nor you down.
I will only control my reactions to when you don’t act in the manner I want. You are not obliged to be in the state of mind I want for you.
But I am obliged to be patient and tender until you are ready.
I love you deeply.
And vow to learn to love you better each and every day forward.
For I want my future to be singing old Merle Haggard songs in VFWs with you.”

To the friends and colleagues of my generation. It’s totally okay to still be looking for your balance & stability at this age. That recession did a number on us. Do not compare yourself to anyone but yourself. Just reflect...have you been moving forward or are you allowing your past failures to define you? The best thing we can do is keep looking ahead and take a step up from where we were last. Sometimes the wrong step is taken and you have to go back to the drawing board. It’s okay. At least you give a shit and are trying. You decide who you want to be. Don’t give that power to anyone else. Only you understand your own inner struggle, relationship strife and career ladder slips. You’ve come a long way. You’re doing your goddamn best. Learn from your mistakes and appreciate the memorable moments created during the journey. I know you’re just trying to make yourself and family happy. Keep pushing my friend. You’re not alone. #itsnevertoolate #findyourhappy #findyourpeace #defineyourownamericandream

#10yearchallenge #2009studyabroad #20yearsold in the countryside of Italia. #2019 #30andthriving... in Military Intelligence for competitive training &benefits and free travel :) #adventureawaitsthebrave #pickedmydutystationstoday 😊🙋🏽 #armywomen #armystrong

Last minute skii plans turned out to be a really nice time. The way the year had been going, I didn’t think we would get up there. Also mountains had been washed out by rainfall Fri& Sat but we decided to just make Sun& Mon morning work. And then spend NYE at home after the drive back. It was a really nice change of pace to get some fresh air up in the mountains. Eat some choco drizzled waffles. And I skied my first moguls too. #sugarbush #stratton #mountainswerecalling #lastminchanges #makingitwork

It’s been wild being home again. It’s been hard being gone and I know it will be even tougher going forward. Hope my family can get me thru this distance & enlistment. It does feel good to be home tho. #bittersweet

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