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Teresa - DMS CLOSED  🐍Slytherin 🦉#muggleslimesproof 🐿 Slimes in stock! 🦄Busness inquiries please email

This beauty 😍from @slimejellies .
Comment emojis that match the slime!

Bazooka Bubblegum Thickie from @slimeyoda is a beaut

Two Bean Egg Cream from @lunchandboxco

So slime is not edible. But this smells and feels so much like food I have to remind myself 😹 I guess you could say it’s one of my favorite slimes 😽

A little Wednesday crunch action for ya with @abyandislimes Singularity. ANDI. IS. A. CRUNCH. GODDESS.

Type “Muggles must be protected from” and then use predictive text to complete the sentence! Mine is
“Muggles must be protected from indigo to the beach.” No clue 😂

Blueberry 3.14 from @slimejellies has maximum spreadability and softness. YOU NEED IT. :)

SUCH AN ICONIC SLIME @elevenslimes

Just a lil random for today :) I’m on the way to the airport meow! Can’t wait to meet everyone at Slime Rodeo!

Another post because.... why not?! ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Yummy slime from @lunchandboxco who makes some of my favorite slimes. Are you more laid back and chill, or do you like to be busy? I prefer chill but I’ve been super busy lately!

This slime was kinda just for fun, but I really like the idea of calling it Herbology 🍃 and scenting it like a matcha latte. It’s a lovely cloud creme texture at the end with a few foam beads for texture. Lmk if you think I should sell this! It’s my color inspiration this summer.

Gucci Mango by @slimejellies is actually mouthwateringly good. I love stretching and squishing this.

Finally got my hands on some @slimeyoda thickiesss! I filmed a bunch of videos with this setup, just testing it out. What do ya think? .

The magical Slime Jellies slime. From the one and only @slimejellies 🌊🌊🌊
Shipping all packages tomorrow then working on a small restock before I go to @slimerodeo (I’m going as a guest). Tell me your favorite sea creature! Mine is probably humpback whales. I watched a documentary about them when I went to the San Jose Tech Museum, it was super cool on IMAX!

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