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Teresa - DMS CLOSED  🐍Slytherin 🦄Business inquiries please email 🦉#muggleslimesproof 🐿 SLIMES IN STOCK

What slime sound is your favorite? (Sizzles, Bubble Pops, Floam Crunches, Fishbowl Crunch, etc.) Mine is bubble popping for sure.

Bready, Set, DOUGH by @theslimehive is mad sizzly. I’m in love with the texture of this one, it’s so satisfying to play with and HELLOOOO SMELLS LIKE DELICIOUS BREAD :D

How do you get rid of hiccups? I either eat a spoonful of sugar (no joke) or drink water upside down.

Sunday Crunchies with Quiddi POP! It’s bead packed and one of the best batches I’ve ever made of it.

If you had a time machine, where/when would your first stop be? I’d love to visit Ancient Greece.

She’s My 🍒 Pi from @slimejellies is a smooth slice of heaven. You know how a good piece of pie melts in your mouth? This slime feels like it’s melting in your hands. But not in a weird sticky way. It’s just so dang smooth and soft and satisfying. All her 🥧 are!!’

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I’m both, I tend to be more introverted but once I get to know people I’m loud and obnoxious :)

This is Green Apple Hi Chew from @slime.bauble
I got this at SlimeCon and OMG. I was originally going to buy the Peach Hi Chew but she had little testers and after one whiff of this baby it had to be MINE. So thick and glossy and omg the thwocks don’t show up that well on this marble slab but LEMME TELL YOU. They’re great on my TV tray hahahaha. Jenn makes AMAZING slimes. I truly wish I had them all 😭😭😭

Pumpkin Spice Truffle from the wonderful @unicornhornslime

This slime is stretchy, sizzly, makes amazing bubble pops, inflates AND smells so 💣!!! Snatch one when she restocks on Saturday!!!!

Repost because insta messed with the cover photo 😑

Happy Saturday! This is Cheshire Cubes from @honeyjam.slime

I really don’t know how to play with this type of slime, sorry if the video is a bit rough! I love the gooey sounds it gives. Smells great and is just so pretty!!!!

Headed to my Papa’s bday party today! What are your weekend plans?

Pot Pie by @boraxbuddiesslime

An ICON. I was thrilled when they gave me this at @slimerodeo and it’s so realistic and cute I can’t deal. I actually love pot pie; ; ; ; but I used to think it was gross. What food have you grown to love that you initially disliked?

Hot Fudge by @slimeylandshop


Making a ton of frozen butterbeer today for Slime Bash! I plan on making regular Butterbeer, unicorn blood, romantic aura, Have a Biscuit Potter and Gillyweed for sure! So many slimes haha

Heyyyyyy my loves!
I’m THRILLED to announce I will be going and selling at SlimeCon 2 as a Slime Star! SlimeCon is at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, California!
SlimeCon 2 is on January 19, 2019 from 12PM - 5PM
Tickets go on sale Saturday October 6th, 2018 at 12PM PST on @slimecon2018!

Yummy Gudetama @slimeypallets

DAT LIL BOOTY THO 😂 this slime is so adorable and FLIPPING CLEARER THAN WATER

Spill the BOBA Tea by @slimejellies

THICK, glossy, bubbly, DELISH. I love everything about this slime!!!

#slimejelliesproof #slime

HEY LOVES! I am officially headed to Washington next summer for @slimetopiaofficial 2! SNATCH DEM TICKETS at so we can hang!

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