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Angela Muflahi  Love to sew, most of my makes for friends, family or charity. Hope you enjoy looking as much as I do making 😊

Tried something new, a little flawed but aren't we all 😄#welshtapestrybag #donatedfabric #charitymakes

A visit to hobbycraft and came back with an impulse buy of these cute Winnie the Pooh fat quarters will make a lovely baby quilt ❤️

I love a bargain do you? This standard Acacia was in the managers specials dept looking very dry , new compost bigger pot and two weeks later pretty leaves 🍃😊👍🏻

What a gorgeous day #lovetheviewfromhere

Bloomin Brilliant!!

No size restrictions now so have cast this one off for #sixtymilliontrebles 👍🏻 #yarn #crochet #notperfect

This is a very difficult and emotional post for me to write, but here goes.
We are about to reach 30 million trebles which is a phenomonal number and I am so touched by every single one of them, from the people who have never crocheted, to the children learning for this project, the overseas hookers who get their blankets to us and our blanket machines who churn them out. Every single blanket is a message of love and hope for the sixty million displaced people
In my naive way when I had my sleepless night and came up with this crazy plan, i genuinely thought that we could get a group of 2/3 thousand women/men together we could make a few blankets each and job would be done. I didnt factor into the equation that some of the 2/3 thousand wouldnt be making blankets but would be supporters and helpers and even just watchers to see how we were doing
I thought a year would be plenty of time and it now turns out its not going to be. Glenda came out of the cupboard to do some sums for me and the computers estimate is December.
Now then, I can not imagine seeing pictures on our television screens again this winter of kids in the cold and the snow knowing that we are sitting on thousands of blankets. It just wouldnt sit right with me.
I have a suggestion and I know its not going to make some of you very happy but at the end of the day why are we doing this?? To make ourselves feel good about a huge blanket or to keep kids warm next winter. Thats the simple question
My suggestion is this..
At the end of August and through September we start dispatching our blankets so that they are where they need to be for the winter.
We carry on hooking and clicking and counting till we reach the 60 million
When that happens we use our central panel of flags as a press release so people can see what has been accomplished and then auction/raffle the flags as a fund raiser.
We could also think about taking a small number to London and doing some kind of event, which we can all discuss.
Anyway thats it, apologies to everyone

Have a wonderful day everyone❤️ #chilledoutsunday

Spring has definitely sprung!

#vintagefabric #retrofabric will that entice my mojo back?

To sew or not to sew? Mojo gone walkies!

Just booked tickets, not long to wait but have I saved enough money? 😬 Anyone else going?

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