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Christopher Davies  Mountain bike guide in mid Wales been mountain biking in this area for 30 years still finding new trails never get bored of this part of Wales 😀

Lovely ride yesterday up to the Radnor Forest!!! #specializedturbolevo #walesneverfails #iamspecialized

Did this ride on Thursday boy was it hot had to cut it short !! Really good ride great to get out !!!
#specializedturbolevo #walesneverfails #iamspecialized

The ride on Tuesday turned out to be a real tough one !! The beginning of it on a byway was really good enjoyed that a lot but when it came to finding the bridal way over the top to the Elan Valley that turned into a nightmare riding bits and walking bits really tough in the heat !! If the way over was a well used way it would have been an awesome ride it’s one not to do it’s what exploring is all about !!! #walesneverfails #specializedturbolevo #iamspecialized

Yesterday’s ride loved every minute of it 👍🚴#walesneverfails #iamspecialized #specializedturbolevo

I keep telling Misty not to go to sleep on the amplifier!! But she says it’s so lovely and warm !!!

Radnor Forest last week really good tough ride even on an Ebike nearly 30 mile 4,500 ft of climbing !! Beautiful day !! #iamspecialized #specializedturbolevo #walesneverfails

The Specialized Turbo Levo is an incredible bike go anywhere and do anything really does put a big smile on your face !!! #iamspecialized #specilizedturbolevo #walesneverfails

Builth Wells in the distance!!!

It was a pity it was so hazy yesterday!!!

Beautiful day here in Wales yesterday and one really good ride !!! Really did enjoy it !!! #iamspecialized #specializedturbolevo #ebikeheaven #walesneverfails