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A big thank you to every member of the #ShugaFam for sharing their stories. Let's also take a moment to reflect on some of the lessons we learned during #16DaysofActivism2017 thanks to our wonderful contributors. Read the recap by @Adebola_x via the link in the bio.

#ThisIsMyStory: We've reached the final day of #16DaysOfActivism. on the 25th of November 2018, @JemimaOsunde wants to see women receiving the recognition they deserve for their efforts. Read more below: ⠀

"One of the worst things that could happen to anyone is to labour in vain just because of their gender. I believe that ALL PEOPLE who put in effort, dedication and hard work into whatever they do should get the appropriate gratification, and that includes women too. ⠀
Every day I see a lot of strong, powerful women work hard at their jobs only to earn peanuts in comparison to their male colleagues. I see women work hard at being the best versions of themselves only to end up with partners who do not appreciate them; women who build on their skills and are offered jobs for less than what they deserve because of their gender.⠀
I want women to acknowledge their value and what they bring to the table; in their work places, in their relationships, friendships, family and all walks of life & know NOT to accept anything less than what they deserve.⠀
This time next year I hope to see myself where I should rightly be considering the hard-work and dedication I put into my craft and education. I hope to be with a person that appreciates me for who and all that I am and not have to settle for less in any area of my life. All in all, I choose to settle for MORE and I want the same for you too."

Good morning #Shugafam; please join us in observing #HumanRightsDay, the final chapter of #16DaysOfActivism2017. The campaign may be ending, but our battle to end the silence around abuse continues tomorrow, and the following day onwards.

#ThisIsMyStory: @MTVBaseAfrica presenter, @KimJayde wants to see an end to sexual harassment of all kinds when #16DDaysOfActivism returns next year. Here is why: ⠀

"As far back as I can remember, from when I was in school to when I was in university and even now in the industry that I'm in, men feel like they can sexually objectify us and make comments that are simply not okay. That's sexual harrassment and in 2018 this needs to stop."

#16DaysOfActivism: @TrevorNoah has often spoken about growing up in an abusive household. A reminder to victims, the abuse you suffer is never, ever your fault. https://t.co/M7NCvToGfY

#ThisIsMyStory: When #16DaysOfActivism comes around in 2018, @_Timini wants to live in a society where men and boys understand the meaning of CONSENT. Here's his testimony: ⠀

Giving consent for one activity, one time, does not mean giving consent for increased or recurring sexual contact. For example, agreeing to kiss someone doesn’t give that person permission to remove your clothes. Having sex with someone in the past doesn’t give that person permission to have sex with you again in the future.

This was one of the most moving quotes from Barack Obama's visit to Kenya in 2015. It was as meaningful and relevant then as it is today in 2017. #16daysofactivism

#ThisIsMyStory: When something as simple as walking in public makes you fear for your life, you know things need to change. @MTVBaseAfrica VJ, @pharoahfi shares her wish for next year's #16DaysofActivism and you can read why she feels this way below: ⠀

There was a time when I was walking through town (Johannesburg CBD) and I was wearing a pair of leggings and a medium sized tshirt, just long enough to cover my bum. I was very aware of my surroundings and the moment I approached the taxi rank, I began to fear for my life. This is because on more than one occasion, whether I had been dressed appropriately or not, I was harrassed. On that day, based on the fact I was wearing leggings, I assumed nobody would have anything to say about my outfit. But then the catcalling began, and the name calling began and in that instant, I felt like if I didn’t walk fast enough I might find someone grabbing my bum, or grabbing my arm or trying to harass me in some way. These are things that bother women on the daily and it makes them feel like they are not comfortable in a country where they are treated like a minority. In many cases you’re forced to feel like you can’t live a normal life. You can’t walk where you want to, dress the way you want to because you just want to blend in to the crowd and not be called out. That stuff is not cool, it doesn’t make me feel safe and it’s really something we need to work on.

Here's to the #SilenceBreakers. Tonto Dikeh was brave enough to open up about her abuse this year. You can never underestimate how much an action like this will inspire other victims to speak out.

#ThisIsMyStory: #MTVShugaDS director, @MontshoTheBlack takes a moment to talk about why we need to also focus on children during #16DaysOfActivism. Read her post below: ⠀

"This time next year I'd like to see and hear more from children. We are all groomed from a tender age to fit into toxic gender roles. We take these beliefs into adulthood and perpetuate gender-based violence. I have been a child. In my experiences and the experiences of those close to me, I can go as far as to say I survived childhood. This time next year, I would like to hear more from children who are powerless and pay the highest price of gender-based violence. They deal with the consequences every day. They are affected yet they feature little in conversations around how we as a nation can do better to fight gender-based violence and discrimination. We don't respect their voice. I believe they have something to offer, because, as a child, I had a lot to offer if only there was an open and earnest ear. "

Pay attention to the warning signs of an abusive partner. It starts with small elements of controlling behaviour. Read about @samke_makhoba's encounter by following the link in our bio.

#ThisIsMyStory: @SamkeMakhoba's story is just another reminder that no matter what the circumstances are, hitting your partner is inexcusable. Look out for her #16DaysOfActivism article (link in bio) and read more here: ⠀

"I was in a long-distance relationship with someone who was always being posted from one province to another. He eventually settled in a province almost 4 hours away from mine. I decided to visit him, check out his new neighbourhood. I was proud of him. During the week I was there, he went to work and I would cook and clean out of the goodness of my heart, not that I had any obligation to do so. One day he returned home extremely angry. I asked what was the matter but he did not want to talk. I had never seen him this angry and it worried me deeply. I asked him one more time and he exploded. He hit me with one huge swat over my shoulder then walked off. My arm literally turned purple. I was so confused, shocked and scared. In that moment of confusion, I thought “what did I do wrong?” I was trying so hard to find an excuse on behalf of my actions against him. I then realised that I was thinking with my heart instead of using common sense. He hit me and it was inexcusable." ***full story is in our bio***

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